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Aman and Melody’s movie list

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aman and melody’s movie list

At some point in junior high or high school Melody and I devised a lits of must-see films, with the help of Emily Vernon and I believe, Mindy Longanecker. Here is the list. Soon to follow remarks on the movies I have seen, why I have not seen some of them, and why I will doubtfully see others.

If you are too lazy to click on the link, or have difficulty reading the impeccable red inked handwriting, here it is:

1. Welcome to the Dollhouse

2. Say Anything

3. Singles

4. If Lucy Fell

5. Chasing Amy

6. Drugstore Cowboy

7. The Last Supper

8. Suburbia

9. The Slacker

10. Waiting for Guffman

11. Party Girl

12. Tank Girl

13. Tape Heads

14. Airheads

15. The Crow

16. Risky Business

17. Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight

18. Reservoir Dogs

19. The Deliverance

20. The Wedding Singer

21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

22. Mall Rats

23. Clerks

24. Hype

25. Zoo TV

26. Rattle and Hum

27. Under a Blood Red Sky

28. The Doors

29. Pulp Fiction

30. Hackers

31. Trainspotting

32. Cheech and Chong’s

33. Reality Bites

34. Pee Wee’s Biggest Adventure

35. The Basketball Diaries

36. Pearl Jam

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  1. i gotta say, some of your choices I’m down with. others, i gotta question. i bet i can guess some of the ones you’ve changed your mind about.

    Comment by ayat — Sunday, March, 30, 08 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

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