Monday, March, 24, 08

Gone Baby Gone

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What is the big fucking deal? Everyone is in love with this movie. Amy Ryan and Casey Affleck were nominated for Oscars, Affleck I will not contend; wasn’t the movie itself nominated?

I thought it was going to be really good when it started. You can tell Ben Affleck loves where he is from just form the shots, their composition and the editing. And then the movie sucked. The opening shots were also setting up the idea of racial tension, I thought. I thought for sure something about race/racism was going to play out. And there’s that one softly spoekn comment made by Casey Affleck to the uncle, that they blamed it easily on a black man in framing Cheese. But that’s it. You set it up. Racial tension in Boston is not something that’s a secret in other movies set there, and it sure as hell is not a secret in this country. I know some people like to lie to themselves and say it’s over, but come on.

So, the acting. As I said, Casey Affleck was good, really good. Of course, anyone who saw American Pie knew he was a better actor than his brother. Amy Ryan…really? She was good, but an Oscar? There really were not other supporting actresses that were more worthy than her? They may as well have nominated the little girl. Also, now that I have decided to not be lazy and actually open imdb, Affleck was not nominated for his acting…but Amy Ryan definitely was. I kinda wish I still thought Affleck was too. Now I am more annoyed.

Also, I was told that this movie did not have child molestation in it. When it first came out I had no interest in seeing it because I thought that whole story was about molestation. So it wasn’t, great. However, there was the whole subplot, that seemed pretty useless except to have Ed Harris reveal that he really did know Ray, which apparently could not be revealed in some other much shorter and with less hideous people fashion. So, we, the viewers, are forced to sit and watch Mark Margolis, who apparently wowed Ben Affleck in Daredevil so much that he had to cast him, along with Trudi Goodman as a husband and wife coke addicted couple who harbor a child molester. The child molester looks like Sloth’s long lost cousin, which is pretty much how they all look in my mind, just odd and creepy. But do I really have to see bloody underpants and a dead kid? Was that really necessary to the story?

Ok, I know, the whole thing is about moral dilemmas, doing the right thing, are things black and white? etc etc etc. I picked up on that, thank you Ben Affleck. I forgave Mystic River, mostly, for its child molestation plot, because the story is built around that. Tim Robbins’ character deals with it in a very real way, and everyone he knew as a child deals with it or lives in denial of it. Again, that movie is about moral dilemmas – oh, and I know the books are by the same author – but I feel like that is set up in such a better fashion. For Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan the tension did not at first seem so significant.

I almost think the movie would be better if it were just love shots of Boston. It was so choppy. The story was not well thought out, nor was it well panned out. It seemed as if after the whole set-up with Cheese everything else was kind of an afterthought. “Oh shit, we didn’t realize there were like 100 more pages to this book.” The narration was not cohesive, nor the direction.

Wow, this turned out to be a much longer rant than intended. I think I prefer Ben Affleck as a director. I want to see something else by him. I think he needs some refinement and he can be really good. At the moment, however, I really do not see what is so fucking great about this movie.

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