Tuesday, April, 29, 08

I took a long break

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Or what I consider a long break.

I got home really late Friday night and Saturday night and was exhausted. I needed my 8 hours Sunday night. But, despite Boy Cat’s valiant efforts to keep me from sleeping last night, which included extended periods of meowing for no goddamn reason I can think of other than to annoy me, and jumping on top of me, I managed to sleep after several “shut the fuck up”s were proclaimed and I closed my door. So, here I am, now 7am…

Friday I hung out with some folks from work. It was good times. And always nice to discover fellow Batman fans. Fan is such a small word, isn’t it? I pretty much am already in line to see the new movie. I have been in line since Batman Begins. There was no way they could get away without a sequel after that ending.

Then I stopped by John’s to say hey to Peej and the other dudes there. I suppose it’s my version of Cheers, only with ginger ale.

Then I got a text from L asking if I wanted to see a movie, which I did. And of course, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was sold out, despite our early arrival. So, instead, we went to Max Brenner’s and got peanut butter crepes. Delicious.

S dyed my hair pink on Saturday and I spent most of the day there, watching movies and TV and just being a bum. Also, I was reminded of one of the several reasons I do not have cable television. S and J waited over 8 hours for the cable guy, who never showed. Awesome.

Then I totally forgot about A’s birthday party, ’cause I am an ass, and I went dancing with L and some of her friends.

Sunday was spent watching movies: Dodgeball and A Fond Kiss. I highly recommend the latter, it is the story of a Pakistani Muslim man and a Catholic Irish woman who fall in love. It touched on a lot of issues, and it is always nice to be able to relate to characters in movies.

And today…it is back to the good old room scheduling routine. I think I have like 30 emails in my work inbox. Grand.

Street Anatomy

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At the recommendation of Heather Tompkins (note her site to the right) I submitted a picture of my heart tattoo to the blog Street Anatomy. In the email I included a link to Heather’s site.

Vanessa Ruiz, the blogger (I really hate that word, but it works here) emailed me last night that she had posted the tattoo and some of Heather’s art. She also links to Heather’s site and my blog.

Then, I realized, like an ass, I forgot to give credit to Colby. After all, he did the freaking tattoo. So I emailed her back and asked if she could include him in there cause he deserves credit. And she did, with a link to his myspace, which has images of his other tattoos. (sorry for forgetting you the first time)

Also, Vanessa refers to me with male pronouns. For a second I almost corrected her, then realized I kinda like it, and what do I care , anyway? I went for a while being asked if I was a boy or a girl, mostly by kids, ’cause adults like to pretend like they are not curious or wondering.

Anyway, here is the blog:

And if you have never been to Heather’s site….GO. Now.

Note: I have been trying to include the picture of my tattoo here, but apparently wordpress has aligned itself with Boy Cat and is trying to make me angry.

Monday, April, 28, 08

models makes me hungry

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I volunteered at the Parsons student fashion show today. It is supposed to be a big deal, final work, blah blah blah.

I worked as an usher, which I did at Patriot Center and on occasion at the IFC Center.

First off, I felt completely out of place. While I was interested in seeing the work of students, looking around at the audience clued me in to the already known fact that I am not one of THEM.

Secondly, fucking privileged elitist aholes apparently do not know how to follow directions, or are too good for them. Yes, sir, please look me right in the eye as I direct you to the right, then walk past me to the left. Please. Don’t let me keep you from planting your ass where you want.

Thirdly, I felt compelled to throw cheeseburgers and milkshakes on stage. I saw rib cages and chest bones. I almost puked.

On the plus side, I missed work.

Is it obvious I am in a bitchy mood today? Mr. T and I pity the fool that gets on my bad side. More than tears will be shed.

note: I went and got vegan fast food – burger and fried and soda to make up for having to watch those skeletons walk the plank.

Friday, April, 25, 08

edward scissorhands is a better human being

I think the world is better off as a result of the following:

-Edward Scissorhands

-Emily Dickinson




-peanut butter

There’s more…but I just had a random thought I feel like sharing.

I would like to give a brief synopsis, more like moral, of the movie Cast Away: FedEx always delivers, No matter what. (Isn’t it great that a movie about a guy stranded on an island can have so much advertising.) (remember what we said about rhetorical questions….remember it).

I remember watching The Matrix – for like the 10th time – with a group of Muslims at Mason, and a lot of Muslims were really into that movie for its spirituality and religious tones. After the movie was over one woman asked me if I understood what it is about. Just to be a cheeky bastard, ’cause I knew what she wanted me to say, I said “If you’re in trouble, Keanu Reeves will come to your rescue.”

I wonder if she saw the second one…and what she thought that big orgy scene was about….hmmmmm.

The Godfather teaches family values. (basically, if anyone fucks with my family I should kill them. That’s what the movie is about.) Maybe I am fiercely loyal to friends and family not only for my Scorpio identity, but also because of that movie. Let’s attribute all of our thoughts and actions to movies…and the media overall.

If that is the case…I learned to ride a bike because of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I learned how to wash dishes from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. The X-Files confirmed my suspicions of the supernatural and taught me about more “monsters” I was unaware of. The Marx Brothers taught me how to finesse my way into any situation. I learned about the afterlife from Beetle Juice. Some live action Winnie the Pooh video taught me not to talk to strangers, but it also made me wonder how Winnie thinks that wearing only a shirt and no pants is going to keep creepers away…and I subsequently was afraid of Winnie as well.

Thursday, April, 24, 08

The Bubble/Ha Buah

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I watched The Bubble last weekend with KJ. My interest in it is that it is about an Israeli solider and Palestian who fall in love. And it is a gay love story. So, I thought, considering that Israelis and Palestinians generally seem to be able to come together on one issue, their dislike for gays, this movie may have some good things to say about conflict, fighting for rights, fighting for life, etc. I thought, “this movie is already going against the grain, maybe it will have some radical ideas.”

So, Ashraf, the Palestinian, and Noam, the Israeli, meet at a checkpoint. Maybe it is my own internalized oppression, the images I see on the media, words I hear, maybe it was that I am a seasoned movie viewer. I knew the moment I saw Ashraf what would happen. But before I get to that, let’s discuss some of the other bobo things in the movie. (I say discuss, because there are spaces for comments, though this clearly is just me at the moment…anyway).

Ashraf gets into Tel Aviv and meets Noam – Noam had dropped his identification card. Ashraf wants to remain in Tel Aviv, but must be there illegally. Noam’s ahole roommate agrees to get AShraf a job at his coffee shop, but with a Jewish name and the agreement that everyone pretends he is Jewish. So, why is Noam’s roommate an ahole? Let’s see, first off, he constantly talks about not wanting to be political. First off, you live in a fucking political world, and an area of the world that is entirely run by politics. (anyone who says they do not like to talk politics or don’t care about it, well, too bad, you are in it no matter what). Also, Noam’s roommate clearly does not like Ashraf or Palestinians at all. Noam’s other roommate is involved in politics. She is a leftist and she and her leftist friends are planning a Rave for Peace. Apparently getting high and dancing to trance music will bring peace to Israel and Palestine.

The thing is, none of them really defend Ashraf or Palestinians at key moments. For example, they meet another Israeli soldier at a bar who says something against Palestinians and Noam responds with “Oh, yeah, well, we all hate Arabs” while patting Ashraf on the shoulder. Really?! I mean, I get that you are trying to keep Ashraf from being found out, but really?! And it is not even addressed later on.

Also, how about the fact that Noam’s friends are developed. They are given some sort of character, some dimension. Even his roommate’s boyfriend is developed enough for the viewer to gain some sort of understanding of him. Ashraf’s family and brother-in-law on the other hand are completely flat. His brother-in-law is just angry and all we see of his sister is preparation for a wedding and her hate for Ashraf’s true identity when he outs himself. Every other Palestinian character is simply window dressing.

A huge point is made by Ashraf that he is distancing himself from his brother-in-law’s fanatic ways. Clearly, his brother is part of some sort of resistance. I guess fighting for your life is not important to Ashraf. And to make him likable the director and writer felt he needed to be not political as well. In fact, he isn’t even developed as well as Noam. Even Ashraf’s sister talks against her new husband’s fundamentalism. “And he swore he would stop when we got married.”

So, here is the best part. What I knew was going to eventually happen. After Ashraf’s sister is killed by accidental fire and Ashraf has already accepted the fact that he cannot be out to his family, he decides to take his brother-in-law’s place as a suicide bomber. Yup, of course. I guess all Palestinians are crazy, right? I guess they are all evil, right? I mean, this just proves the suspicions of everyone, but Noam. So, what is the moral? The moral is, do not trust Palestinians.

Ashraf blows himself up in front of th cafe he worked in, oh and right next to Noam, so they die together. How romantic. Meanwhile, Noam and his ahole roommate have already had a discussion about how they have never hooked up because they are the best of friends and soulmates, blah blah blah. So as soon as Ashraf blows himself and Noam up, cut over to roommate who feels a sudden sharp pain and KNOWS there is something wrong.

This movie was terrible. It was stereotypical and angering. It is racist. It is bullshit. Way to keep feeding into those lies.

5. Chasing Amy

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Sadly, I have seen this movie twice. To be fair, though, the second time was because I had regained faith in Kevin Smith via Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and I wanted to know if this movie was as bad as I remembered it. It is worse. This whole movie is the epitome of grossness. It is a 90+ minute wet dream for hetero boys. First, the viewer is subjected to a raunchy retelling by a bro of the ever annoyingly voiced Joey Lauren Adams’ three-way with two guys, then the whole story revolves around her character giving lesbian sex details to Ben Affleck’s Holden McNeil, and eventually of course, falling in love with him. What girl would not? Lesbian, bi, queer, or hetero? Seriously? I feel like this movie is supposed to be a shimmer of hope for those self-hating gays out there and mostly it is just, as I said, made for hetero boys with an obsession for lesbians. The consolation prize to any queer turned straight is, of course, Ben Affleck. The only thing I gained from this movie was that at the time that I saw it, which is pretty much when it came out on video, I liked to play a game where I tried to prove through the characters he played, that Ben Affleck was gay. It helped me in my game, that is all. Jay and Silent Bob, the reason to watch any Kevin Smith movie, were barely in it, and Silent Bob’s speech is way too long and way too pointless. Even Jason Lee’s Banky could not make the movie good for me. At least Mallrats does not pretend to be anything but ridiculous. This movie, however, is attempting for the more serious, hence the toned down Jason Lee and almost invisible Jay and Silent Bob. But how can I take it seriously when it is such a ridiculous storyline? I have no intention of ever giving my time to this movie again. It has been established that it is trash; hetero boy trash.

Tuesday, April, 22, 08

3 weeks to myself…and the cats

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Liz moved out on Sunday. It all kinda happened really fast. I mean, getting the okay from Askia to break the lease, apartment hunting, then trying to find people to move in here, then trying to find a room, then changing it to getting a subletter. And I didn’t get to spend much time with Liz. Though, we did have a sweet night of delicious tacos and chocolate chip cookies…and Star Wars. And she is coming back to get the rest of her stuff. So, hopefully I can take her out to dinner or something then.

So, for now, until May 16, it is me and the cats. And actually, May 16, I will be in VA. Kate, my new roommate, will be feeding the cats, and I will be back May 21.

Until Kate moves in the litter box is out of my room. That’s right. Also, I feel like I need to clean this place. I mean, it’s clean, but…

It’s kinda strange having the apartment to myself. There are some things I need to get ’cause Liz provided them:

pots, pans, cookie sheet, toaster, maybe a microwave, vacuum….I don’t know what else. I need to see. Also, I need Goodwill to come pick up some un-needed furniture.

elections and lies

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I do not like Obama distancing himself from Pastor Wright. That is proof that he is like every other politician, only trying to save his own ass. Maybe he really does disagree with Wright, but to refer to him as his “former” pastor in regards to what Wright said, just seems like Obama is acting as is expected.

Frankly, I do not see what is wrong with what Wright said. One of the biggest problems with this country is the lack of accountability. Take some fucking responsibility for the atrocities that have taken place. Own up to them. Why was I not officially taught about the prison camps Japanese were put in to until I was a junior in high school? Why was I taught that people like Columbus, De Gama, Cortze, etc were heroes? Why was I taught that groups like the Black Panthers and American Indian Movement are terrorist groups? Thankfully, I was getting better history lessons at home. I recently watched The Good Shepard and that movie confirmed for me that I am not crazy. I do not trust this government, and there is no reason I should. I was born into enemy blood and am at risk.

Why. That is the question that this country fails to ask. When I say “this country” I mean the government and those citizens who refuse to ask questions and take accountability. Let’s ask why Pastor Wright said what he said? Why is he angered by the United States? Why? I believe he was sharing his truth. (Also, if at this point people watching TV are not aware that things are edited and distorted…idiots.)

The US government has failed to ask why with regards to the September 11th attacks. And in so doing, encouraged US citizens to ignore that question as well, while this government wages war, more like enacts genocide, upon Afghans and Iraqis. Don’t worry North Korea and Iran, you may get your turn soon.

“Why” is an important question. But it is not encouraged at all. Ever. I remember as a child being told not to ask too many questions. Well, sorry fuckers, I always have and that is *why* I am not voting. That is why I do not trust anyone. That is why I used to have nightmares that this government took my father away and imprisoned our whole family. Not just me and my siblings and mother, extended family as well. (Yet again, Good Shepard confirming a lot of those fears).

I was watching some of the Clinton/Obama debate the other night. First off, I could not help but think of Black Bush from Chapelle’s Show when he keeps saying “you’re skirtin’ from the real issues.” So much time of the Clinton/Obama debate was spent on discussing things each of them has supposedly said about the other, lies about their past, Pastor Wright, etc. They were not being drilled on issues like the war, education, health care. Maybe they got around to that. My blood was already boiling. I will say this, Obama at least tried to move conversation away from personal attacks. Clinton seemed to really relish the opportunity to talk shit, particularly in regards to Pastor Wright.

Again, what is wrong with what Wright said? Of course he is being called anti-American and racist. White people love to call non-white people racist. They love to find the opportunity for some sort of mistreatment by an African-American or Asian or whoever, just so they can pull the classic “reverse racism” bullshit. First off, let’s not forget that there are African-Americans alive today who lived through the whole “separate but equal” crap. Let’s not forget that slavery did not end that long ago. Let’s not forget that 10 years ago James Byrd was dragged to his death in Jasper, Texas. Let’s not forget the Jena Six. And these are only a few of the things done against only one group of people by the United States. Would you care for me to go on about acts committed against the Sioux, Navajo, Pawnee and other tribes? Would you care for me to go on about United States colonialism past and present?

White people do not like to be called out on their racism. They do not want to discuss the things of the past as if they are still relevant to the present and future. But they are. And anyone who has suffered any sort of trauma knows that. Why, for example, did I fear that my family would be imprisoned and my father taken away? I was raised with the knowledge that this country had abused Iranians and Muslims and that we were not welcome here. I was raised with the experiences of my parents. And then, of course, I got a taste for the hatred myself. I was discriminated against by other kids and adults. Maybe because they were also raised with the experiences of their parents. These cycles have to stop. Educating ourselves is one way to do that. Though, I mean this in regard to passing on hate. Passing on mistrust of the US government and passing on mistrust of white people for people of color is not necessarily a bad thing. It is necessary for all of the Others to be able to navigate in this society and survive. And in order to do so, being educated is key. Mistrust is one of the things I was educated in. And maybe, ultimately, in order for there to be true change, this also needs to stop. But I need to see a greater effort from those in places of privilege. I need to see reason for me to let my guard down.

And I have. I have met some truly righteous white people in my life, who work to end racism, classism, and all the isms that have made this country the hot mess of empirialism that it is. And I know that there are some white people who are going to read this and get upset and say “that’s not me!” Well, if it’s not you, ten great. But that is one of the mistakes made by white people, myself included (let’s not forget, again, I am half-white, even if throughout my whole life I have not been treated as such). We distance ourselves from other white people, from those whose ideas and ideals go against our own, particularly when they enforce white patriarchy. But white people cannot keep turning their backs. White people need to stay in the conversation, as NCBI loves to say. Racism is not just an issue for people of color.

Friday, April, 18, 08


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I ate four cookies with a cup of tea for dinner last night.


Thursday, April, 17, 08

Celebrity Sightings

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When I worked at the IFC Center I started seeing a lot of celebrities. After telling Rebecca about seeing Beck, she recommended I write down my inner dialogue (<-another word wordpress does not recognize). Which, I did. At least while working there. So, now I will begin sharing some of the thoughts that run through my head when I see celebrities…well, specific people. Starting with last night:

Liz! Oh man, Project Runway dude. It’s the dude who had to leave for the mouth thing. Hmmm, I should I say something? Hmmmm, no. No. Yes. No. Don’t. Leave him alone. He’s so muscley. He’s in the subway station! He’s not even *really* a celebrity. Ok, I should go after him and just tell him I really liked him on the show and was sad he had to leave. Oh man, I have to tell Liz. She got me into this. No, no chasing him. Leave him alone. He carried Christian in his bag. So cute, I can’t wait to tell Liz. She’ll be so excited.

Yeah…deep thoughts. I know.

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