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Laziness set in for a day. But it was brought on by exhaustion. Then I decided that when visiting Nazir I was going to take a break from my early morning writing. I have been waking up between 5am and 6am to write. As early as it is and as tired as I have been, it has been beneficial. I have been writing a lot. Here is where a lot of it has been going. At first I imagined that I would have amazing things to write. And I don’t. And that is fine. I am glad I am just writing again. Somehow I never find that time at work or in between classes to do things like this. At night I generally want brainless activities, like watching TV shows online.

Sadiqeh and I went to upstate New York. Nazir and Jennifer live in Skaneateles, Fatiapolis, Skinny Italians…30 minutes outside of Syracuse. It was really good to see Nazir after so many months. There was a high volume of GI Joe quoting, Angry Alien imitations, and of course, Nazir’s own personal voice experimentations that occurred. We played some Wii – Nazir has already created a large number of Miis, including myself, Rebecca, Baba, and several versions of himself. While the weekend was intended to be a Star Wars marathon, because of time we only got through the first two, meaning 1 and 2, not 4 and 5. Which means we had to sit and watch Jake Lloyd attempt to act and fail painfully while a much older Natalie Portman treats him rightfully like a kid; but disturbing dramatic irony means that we know one day she will be having sex with him. It’s a little hard to get past that. Just a little. Also, even Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor, two amazing actors, manage to look like idiots. Natalie Portman does too, and she’s usually a good actor too. Also, let’s discuss how the evil Trade Federation guys all sound East Asian – and I remember there was a lot going on with China at the time this was released – and then the bizarre way Jar Jar Binx talks. He is played by a black man, Ahmed Best, and talks like slave characters were made to talk in older movies with the “yessa master.” He calls Liam Neeson master…good lord I could go on for a while. Because then these two racist things, which I picked up on when I first saw the p.o.s. are then set against this whole obviously political storyline about the republic and democracy and blah blah blah. Please, we all know you are referring to the US.

Star Wars II is not much better. The acting, yet again, bad. Why does Obi-Wan have to say “toxic dart?” We can all see that the killer was shot with a dart, clearly it must be toxic because nothing that small would kill one otherwise. Also, why does Obi-Wan have to meet with a giant squid-like alien with a gross mustache in a diner? What?! Still, my favourite part has to be Anakin’s mother’s death. Worst acting ever. Even more worse than Jake Lloyd, who by the way, gets no forgiveness for being a child. I could care less that he is a kid. Haley Joel Osment managed to be a quality child actor. Anyway, the death of Anakin’s mother is not at all heart-breaking. It is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I don’t know how many times she tries to say “I love you” and fails. But she does. Also, I know herhusband has a bum leg and all, but she was gone for one whole month and it looks like (Uncle) Owen and (Aunt) Veru were doing nothing but making weird drinks. Hayden Christensen is pretty decent at playing angry and evil, all with a touch of crazy. Though he comes off as whiny a lot of the time, and that’s just annoying. Maybe it’s to remind us that he’s still just a kid, but seriously, get over it.

Back to what we did with Nazir…Saturday was spent mostly at Jennifer’s parents’ house where we pet cows and cats and got to ride in the tractor. When we left we made a stop at her aunt’s house so I could meet Betty Lou and Jerry Springer, her donkeys. They were awesome.

I am going to try and head back up there this summer. For two months The New School is closed on Fridays, so I can have three days instead of two to hang out.

Aman and Jerry Springer

Aman and Cows

Aman and Mike Grabowskit


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