Thursday, April, 3, 08

2. Say Anything

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There was a time when Cameron Crowe made good movies. Ok, Almost Famous was good too, maybe it needs to skip a few movies or something. Cause let’s not kid ourselves, Jerry Maguire falls into the overrated piece of shit category that sadly introduced the world to one of the most obnoxious actors, Cuba Gooding Jr. The only person in the movie I do not want to punch in the face is Bonnie Hunt. Seriously…Tom Cruise….why? I want to like you, but no, you make it impossible. And maybe if Rene Zellweger opened her eyes I would dislike her less. But only less, she still annoys me. Back to Say Anything. This movie, like Almost Famous and Singles, gave Cameron Crowe the ability to show his love for and understanding of great music (note: Cameron Crowe only makes good movies if they are centered around music). Say Anything is the right combination of teen romance, drama, comedy, and John Cusack. I really think that the world would be worse off than it is if John Cusack were not an actor. He has taken part in some seriously amazing movies. Yes, Sixteen Candles, I mean you.

Lloyd gives a great speech about what kind of job he does not want, is good friends with Lili Taylor <-well, she doesn’t play herself, and manages to make Peter Gabriel sound cool.


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