Wednesday, April, 16, 08

Boy Cat’s arms are extended

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I might talk about the cats too much. In fact, I may already be that crazy cat person. There are two people that have expressed interest in moving in and I am mostly excited that they each have kittens. Also, Girl Cat is sitting behind my laptop, I didn’t realize she was there until just now. She stuck her head around the corner.

Let’s face it, as much as I bitch about these too…oh, and there is plenty to bitch about, I ❤ them.

Allow me to remind you of the things they do which are annoying:

-Chase each other around the apartment (shokhi yadi)

-Meow and whine loudly just about every time either Liz or I near the kitchen area

-Sit by my head and purr into my ears in the early morning

-Knock things off of shelves and over onto the floor despite the fact that they are supposed to be stealth creatures.

-Try to steal each other’s food.

-Anal display

-Randomly attack each other

This is a fairly long list. And there is more… I just realize I sound like an ahole. I am an ahole. Who the fuck am I kidding. <-rhetorical questions will end with a period, so as not to confuse anyone, or receive unwanted responses.

I used to have a class with a guy that answered rhetorical questions. Also, he waved his arm for attention. I thought people got over that in kindergarten. Maybe no one answered him then either. Maybe he’s still in kindergarten. Deep.

-Their litter box smells weird, even when cleaned.

-Boy Cat pooped AND puked in Liz’s bed

-Boy Cat has puked in every tower Liz got them.

-They sometimes eat their food so fast, out of some irrational fear that they will be starving and are starving, that they then puke. <-This action is rewarded with no food for several years. Boy Cat needs to lose weiht anyway. Don’t we all.

Also, I really miss Toby and Bunny. I am so sad I did not get to see her one last time before she died. I really do prefer animals over people. There are no judgments and only instincts. People suck.


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