Thursday, April, 17, 08

4. If Lucy Fell

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The title alone is enough to keep me from seeing this. Have not seen it, no plans to. For one, I have no idea what it is about, nor do I have any interest in finding out. All of the other movies on my list that have yet to be viewed or never will be viewed at least have struck some chord with me causing me to decide they are not worth my time. For some reason, because I cannot remember at all what this is about, it makes it even less appealing. Also, isn’t Jennifer Aniston in it? Nope, wrong J. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker. (Thank you imdb). What imdb has also provided me with is a brief synopsis, and I am glad that not knowing what this movie is about has always been enough to keep me from seeing it. Apparently Lucy, a very bright character I am sure, and sexy, and so on, convinces her roommate Joe that if they fail to have relationships within a month they should jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. Even the fact that I live in New York and this movie is set here is not enough for me to watch it and point to the screen as I tell myself I know where they are. Really? They’re going to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge if they are not in relationships? I suppose I should have jumped a long time ago then. It has now been confirmed that I have no intention of ever seeing this movie. Ever. I would rather watch Star Wars Episode I again.

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