Tuesday, April, 29, 08

I took a long break

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Or what I consider a long break.

I got home really late Friday night and Saturday night and was exhausted. I needed my 8 hours Sunday night. But, despite Boy Cat’s valiant efforts to keep me from sleeping last night, which included extended periods of meowing for no goddamn reason I can think of other than to annoy me, and jumping on top of me, I managed to sleep after several “shut the fuck up”s were proclaimed and I closed my door. So, here I am, now 7am…

Friday I hung out with some folks from work. It was good times. And always nice to discover fellow Batman fans. Fan is such a small word, isn’t it? I pretty much am already in line to see the new movie. I have been in line since Batman Begins. There was no way they could get away without a sequel after that ending.

Then I stopped by John’s to say hey to Peej and the other dudes there. I suppose it’s my version of Cheers, only with ginger ale.

Then I got a text from L asking if I wanted to see a movie, which I did. And of course, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was sold out, despite our early arrival. So, instead, we went to Max Brenner’s and got peanut butter crepes. Delicious.

S dyed my hair pink on Saturday and I spent most of the day there, watching movies and TV and just being a bum. Also, I was reminded of one of the several reasons I do not have cable television. S and J waited over 8 hours for the cable guy, who never showed. Awesome.

Then I totally forgot about A’s birthday party, ’cause I am an ass, and I went dancing with L and some of her friends.

Sunday was spent watching movies: Dodgeball and A Fond Kiss. I highly recommend the latter, it is the story of a Pakistani Muslim man and a Catholic Irish woman who fall in love. It touched on a lot of issues, and it is always nice to be able to relate to characters in movies.

And today…it is back to the good old room scheduling routine. I think I have like 30 emails in my work inbox. Grand.

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