Wednesday, May, 7, 08

The Cat in the Hat and Cupcake Adventures

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Remember in The Cat in the Hat when there is a pink ring in the tub? My entire tub was pink and it took two rounds of Comet to clean it (Comet should send me money for advertising…though it did take two rounds…).

Susin dyed my hair pink for me 2 weekends ago and it was running all that time. The same brand of purple ran a small amount once, so apparently Special Effects needs to improve their Atomic Pink. Or maybe my hair has had way too much done to it in the past several months. Eh.

Anyway, at the suggestion of Susin I got clear hair dye and put that on top, so now it is no longer running. At least, that seems to be the case. I just did it the other night, so who knows? My keyboard is already pink, as are several shirts, and my pillow case. If only I had used Boy Cat and Girl Cat as pillows I could have dyed their fur as well.

Living with the cats, particularly having them under my care, is really pointing out to me what an impatient person I can be. I have known this and not really done anything about it, but talking about it and talking about it means shit. Words without actions are pointless. So…yeah.

I met with Andrew and his friend Mike for dinner. Well, initially I called Andrew to see if he wanted to go for a walk. It was too nice out to sit at home. First I was thinking to go for a walk myself, then I thought I would take Boy Cat for one, but he really does not like his harness, then I called Andrew. We ended up getting dinner first and went to get Italian Ice but changed our minds. I almost went home knowing I was tired, then said fuck it. I figured, the only reason to head home was sleep so I can get up early for work, but frankly, I would rather stay out late and enjoy the evening and be tired at work.

So as we went to go to the park Andrew said he wanted cupcakes and I was, of course, all about it. I think cupcakes are my favourite dessert, now anyway.

First we went to go to this place called Cheeks in Brooklyn, not far from where we were. But a phone call to Cassa and our walking there confirmed it was closed. So we went to Teany. I noticed some delicious looking brownies there and pointed out the chocolate peanut butter cake to Andrew. We did what any reasonable person would do. We got all three. That’s right. We sat outside on the sidewalk and ate our deliciousness. I got home after 11 and it was well worth it. And on our way to cupcakes we passed a falafel place and salad place, so those are next on the list…as are more cupcakes.

Always cupcakes.


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