Thursday, May, 8, 08

7. The Last Supper

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It took me about ten years to see this movie. And I was already well past going off of this movie list. I think I got over the list pretty quick. I would find it every few years and just check off things that I had seen. Anyway, The Last Supper. This is a good movie, funny, smart, and with some good people in it. Rachel gets a little Annabeth Gish, Ayat gets some Ron Eldard, and I happen to enjoy the majority of the cast, but Mark Harmon gets a special shout-out, because he was in Let’s Get Harry. The story is, for those of you who do not know, a group of college friends who are living together decide, after an encounter with a racist man, that they should invite people over for dinner, and if the person’s political and social beliefs are harmful, kill them. It’s a pretty sweet premise, who wouldn’t love to invite people over for dinner and kill them. Though, I don’t know that I would ever want someone like George Bush within ten feet of my house, but whatever. Also, this is a dark comedy, which I always enjoy. They make the viewer just uncomfortable enough, but get the viewer thinking. Dark comedies are always challenging to watch because they poke fun at things that are not typically made fun of, or are taboo to make fun of, and often in unconventional ways. (Unconventional to comedies, at least. I still laugh when people die in movies, like Anakin killing “younglings”). I think this movie made me wonder how far would I go for the things I think to be true. When it comes to most things, there is no black and white, all are shades of gray. However, there are certain things where there is right and there is wrong, so Bill Paxton’s racist character, for example, as Behnaz would say: Die in a fire. Of course, the bloody NCBI in me is all “ooh, but everyone has a story.” Not that guy. I think that there are points of no return. George Bush, yet again, comes to mind. That man has murdered so many people, his family took money from the Nazis, his dad murdered so many people, and served under a president that ignored the deaths of so many people…how many deaths are the Bushes responsible for? It’s well into the millions, we all know that. You know what, the earth and animals cannot be ignored, it’s in the fucking billions. So, yeah, there’s no turning back George Bush.
Well, I recommend The Last Supper. I am glad I had not seen it when the list was given to me. My mind was often clouded with a little self hate and the refusal to question certain things I was taught. I know I would have reacted with dislike and maybe never bothered to see it again. But maybe I would have. I remember having to read A Doll’s House in the 10th grade and ranting and raving about how Nora was wrong to leave her family, blah blah blah. I had to read it again in the 12th grade and I had done a full 180. I was fiercely defending her decision. I guess, for me, I had not reached that point of no return.


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