Friday, May, 9, 08

Celebrity Sighting #2

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April 19. Roller derby. Krissy and I went to the opening match with Kelly and Co.

As Krissy and I were walking around trying to find them a security guard stopped us and was trying to figure out based on our ticket color where we should sit. As I was telling him we were looking for our friends he asked one of the Gotham Girls people. She said she didn’t know and I stood there staring at her.

I know her. Why do I know here? Oh my god.

“You’re from Another Gay Movie right?”

I can’t remember the conversation exactly, but she said yes, and was clearly flattered that I recognized her. I told her that she was hilarious in it, ’cause she was. Then I said something about remembering her as a cop in Die Hard IV. She said we should talk later, she had to go to start doing the announcing. She seemed really nice and kinda genuinely appreciative that I knew who she was, not like an AHole about it. So, I did have Krissy try and help me find her at half-time and again at the end…failure.

Later, thanks to imdb, I realized she is not in Die Hard IV, but Inside Man. Still a cop, and I had the image correct, just the wrong movie. Whatever.

It’s Ashlie Atkinson, by the way.


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