Tuesday, June, 17, 08

Back…did you even notice?

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I decided to not do this in Ireland. Write, I did. Post to the blog, no. I did not check email or surf the internet either. I was totally disconnected that way, and it was great. I fell in love with Ireland all over again and wished my stay was longer. I also have started looking at jobs over there. We’ll see what comes of that, if anything. I do love the feeling of no attachment.

And like previous travels mixed in with the endless stream of thoughts, it is making me think to get rid of a lot of things. Books, I tend to never want to rid myself of, but the truth is I have so many and so many that I have not read in a while, nor will I read in a while if at all again, that why not pass them on to someone else who will enjoy them? Not my children’s books though. Movies I think will be a little more difficult for me to get rid of…if at all. So there, there is my one thing I have major issue letting go. (NY made me appreciate libraries again. How the fuck did I manage to lose sight of that? UNIVERSITY).

Remember Jack’s realization that his possessions owned him…in Fight Club? (I know, it is an overrated movie, but you know what I am talking about). I feel that way often. The thought of having to move seems like a burden mostly because of the shit I have to move. I really don’t need much. I just think I do. I have a lot of clothes that don’t get warn as well. Really, I don’t need that many. Frankly, I just need a lot of underpants, ’cause my laundry revolves around that and now that I have to go out to do my laundry, I hate doing it.

I was even thinking that some of my Batman figures could go. I know, I know, blasphemy! But really, why not give them to some kid? Hello, Iskander and August were just born and need some Batman in their lives. It took a lot to give my horses to Tariq’s niece, but I did. And it will take a lot to give away the ones I have here, but I will. Also, I still have a lot of things in my parents’ house that I need to go through and figure out what is really worth holding on to. I should post some of my amazing stories from the second grade here. I found a lot of unicorns in the woods in the second grade. I also murdered Lori, which caused some concern…but that was the third grade. Eventually I graduated to the sixth grade with a vampire story that really does need to make an appearance here, purely for laughs. I have not read it in over 10 years so I am sure it is genius.

I will post about Ireland later. Maybe tomorrow. So much to say….!


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