Thursday, August, 7, 08

your behavior during this whole vacating process…

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by theradishpress

7/5/08 730pm Text: Hey, just a heads up. Im coming by the apt.@8 to show it.

7/5/08 731pm Text: Tonight?


7/5/08 734pm Text: I am at home in bed, cause I dont feel well.

7/5/08 735pm Text: Yea. Just for a few minutes.

7/5/08 737pm Text: Dude, that is short notice and i dont feel well. What happened to open house on sunday?

7/5/08 759pm Text: Sorry. I showed it this afternoon, but her husband worked til 7. We will only be a minute.

Needless to say I called him immediately and the phone conversation soon turned into yelling because he proceeded to tell me to get dressed and that I could wait in the hall or my own living room. So despite the fact that I had paid that month’s rent and that he was breaking the law in bringing someone in after I said no, did not really matter to him.

I ended up cursing him out in Farsi and didn’t realize it at first until he said he could not understand me. I was that angry.

What followed was a series of emails…well, first there was another phone call on the 7th which he could not handle because I was interrupting his “personal” time. Apparently my being sick the night before did not matter.

After that I called the NYC government and with the help of Rebecca, Teejay, Lisa, and Susin I wrote a very factual and well-thought out email calling him out on breaking the law on more than one count. He responded with an email about how I am childish and immature…he also told me we come from different backgrounds and upbringings, basically I do not know how to act etc etc.

I am considering copying the emails in here.

I was also considering providing his email and phone number for people to get in touch with him and let him know what a hypocritical piece of shit he is, but that may result in my getting into some serious trouble and really, he is not worth that.

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  1. Can I just say that I am so glad you are pass this, and I was just telling Rebecca today that you have to be aware of the “enlightened”–those who think that they are pass their “isms.” You know what I mean? Interestingly enough that was also in the context of speaking about a straight male.

    Comment by Teejay — Monday, September, 15, 08 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

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