Monday, August, 18, 08

amu hossein

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by theradishpress

I’m still very sorry. I was looking at the Qu’ran cover you designed and thinking about the drawing you did of us all in the Nahidian house. I was thinking of me begging you for that horse. You were sitting by the kitchen, on the floor, talking to Amu Naqi. I asked and I asked and finally you drew it. On that small torn out piece of notebook paper.

It was soon after we found out and sooner after that we sat in the kitchen eating Disney pops when Baba told us. I had a red Mickey Mouse. He melted on the table.

I know. I do know that you are not angry. I see you often in the city. I think of you often in the city. I miss you often in the city.



  1. Amu Hossein, me. You taking me? Yaah.

    Comment by Ayat — Tuesday, August, 19, 08 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

  2. Wow. What a surprise to trip over this. And not so much a surprise given that you’ve been sitting in my Google IM for a while now, with that “radish” link staring at me every time I log in.

    But tard that I am, 2 and 2 don’t always add up.

    I like it here. Sorry to intrude. Good memories, and the bittersweetness of years gone by. I hope you’re doing well.

    –> the guy who people tell me looks like that guy from System of a Down (i think)

    p.s.: I saw your great family the other day. By which I mean a couple months ago (I told you, 2 and 2…) As always, it was a pleasure to be with them. Busting into their home at 8am for the feast of feasts. Interesting convo. Your dad reminiscing about the old times. My dad going on about “ze jooz” again. The shaking of heads… Heh, good stuff.

    Comment by b. — Wednesday, August, 20, 08 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

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