Thursday, December, 11, 08

Gonzalo Sightings #4

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by theradishpress

I walked somewhat leisurely toward University Pl and 14th, heading toward work, debating chai from Joe’s.

Oh my god, that’s Michael Showalter. Hmmm, he has a suitcase. Where is he going? Ok, I will cross here too. Who is that with him? Michael Ian Black! Wouldn’t it be funny if they were going to Joe’s too? I want to say hi, but they look tired and have clearly been traveling. But so funny…and let’s be honest, hot too.

They continued down University Pl and I took my right onto 13th, figuring I had enough time to grab a chai from Joe’s without being too late. I texted Sadiqeh immediately. Someone had to understand my joy at just seeing their hilarious faces.

I wonder if this is my free drink yet? I will see. Holy crap, that’s David Wain in front of me. I bet he’s looking for those two.

Wain gets on his phone.

Should I tell him I just saw his friends? No, no.

Got my chai.

And there’s Showalter.  I just smiled at him like I know him. Grrreat. And there’s Ian Black. This is too good to be true. Stella, right here.


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