Friday, January, 23, 09


by theradishpress

Here are the nominees for best Motion Picture:
* The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
* Frost/Nixon
* Milk
* The Reader
* Slumdog Millionaire
I have yet to see Frost/Nixon or The Reader, so no comment.
I liked Benjamin Button, but best picture seems like a stretch. It was enjoyable, the acting was good, I liked Brad Pitt despite thinking I would not, the make-up was incredible…but really? Overall, best picture? Benjamin Button was actually better than, say, Revolutionary Road? I have not seen that, mind you, but considering the praise it has received, I am surprised.
I agree with Milk. I think that Gus Van Sant may have finally figured out how to bring his knowledge of art and make it mainstream compatible. I like art house movies, I always felt like Van Sant was trying too hard. My Own Private Idaho is hard to watch, and not because it deals with difficult subject matter or because watching River Phoenix has a bitter sweetness to it, but because the Shakespearean melodrama is pushed a little too forcefully down my throat. It is possible I lied to myself about liking Gerry. Maybe I should see it again.
So, Slumdog Millionaire…I anticipate anger from whoever the hell may read this, if anyone does. I don’t get what the big deal is. The imagery was good, I loved the music, and Danny Boyle knows how to set music to images and images to music. I felt absolutely no emotional connection to the characters. Watching children being abused is hard enough to stomach, and I feel as if that is supposed to create some sort of automatic sympathy on my part or feelings for the hero. Ok, I found that not easy to watch and felt terrible at the knowledge that that kind of abuse was not made up for the sake of the film, but children are abused every day, etc. So how come I could not connect with those characters? I have been thinking about this since I saw the movie on Monday. I wondered if I missed something, but no I do not think so. I recognize the elements of what makes a good story and what makes a good film, but somehow those elements did not come together in the amazing fashion everyone claimed.
And let’s not kid ourselves, I wanted The Dark Knight to at least get nominated.
oh, and I still think Into the Wild needs and Oscar, can’t it get nominated twice?
At least Gran Shithead wasn’t nominated.
But seriously, if Forrest Dump and Shitanic can get so many Oscars how come The Dark Knight isn’t worthy?

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