Wednesday, April, 22, 09

New York took me by surprise

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by theradishpress

I expected to be gone within 3 years. It has been 2. I expected to have that plan laid out like Bale laid out that DP. I expected to be soon packing my bags and getting rid of my things and finding homes for those cats where I could visit but they would not be able to travel with me. And your grasp is tight, New York.

This city was made for me. I can walk without speaking and speak without talking and I can stare right into your eyes without ever engaging in a single exchange of Hello How Are You Fine Okay Great.

This city with its buildings that try to block the sky and its sidewalks that swallow souls and its endless streams of music and scents is just one big testament to who I am and where I stand and that my identity resides within me and no one else and no other thing.

New York, you think I was made for you, but no, you were made for me. For me to conquer and for me to enter and leave as I please. Take your grasp and press against another. Take your laughter, your cackle, your mockery and find someone else. I get the last word and the last laugh and the last hurrah. I get it New York. Not you.

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