Thursday, August, 20, 09

Avatar Teaser Trailer

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by theradishpress

Trailer Addict has posted the teaser trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar.

The video is temporarily unavailable. For whatever reason. Maybe James Cameron realized it is baaaad.

First off: What happened to teaser trailers that were actual teasers? They lasted sometimes less than a minute, kinda like the first teaser for The Fifth Element and Aliens 3. They were short, and in the case of The Fifth Element, had no frame of reference. It was literally a tease, an enticement. I could not wait for the actual full length trailer. And honestly, and this is coming from someone who LOVES trailers – it’s my favourite part of the movie experience and I refuse to miss the trailers – why do trailers need to be more than 2 minutes long? They really do not. For example, why is the red band trailer for Legion 5 minutes long! I actually want to see the movie, not figure everything out from the trailer.

Anyway, back to Avatar. I have been looking forward to this movie. I like James Cameron. So, I never saw Titanic, and I have no intention of seeing it, but I like his other stuff. Avatar is a movie he has been developing for 10+ years, primarily so that the technology could be perfected. Then why does Avatar look like Ferngully meets The Abyss? (For the record, I like both of those movies). The idea of a human mind in an alien body is intriguing, and I would like to think that it could start a lot of fascinating conversations about cloning, life, death, war, race/racism, etc, but the movie does not look promising at all. The folks over at Gawker pointed out that Avatar “looks like a Jar Jar Binks’ family reunion.” Being compared to Jar Jar Binks is a bad thing. A very very bad bad thing.

At this point the teaser is on Apple and Yahoo as well.


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  1. Oh no. No no no. Please don’t insult Fern Gully like that.

    Also, you know it is bad because they tried to pull people in with “FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ‘TITANIC'” at the top of the screen. Isn’t this about… extra terrestrials? Why not replace Titanic with at least Alien Resurrection if you aren’t going to dig deep enough for the good stuff?

    It looks so bad that it makes me angry. Money, time, and effort were wasted on THAT. I love movies. LOVE THEM. However, I would be more willing to “waste” my money on a Nickelodeon movie compared to that. That is the kind of thing that makes me want to zap it away and replace it with all the money that was spent on it and save some starving people!

    Comment by Sadiqeh — Thursday, August, 20, 09 @ 9:51 pm | Reply

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