Monday, November, 2, 09

The Blind Side

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by theradishpress

I have no intention of seeing this movie, and not because the trailer is so saccharine sweet it upsets my stomach, but because really?! Fine, it’s based on a true story, but at this point Hollywood could claim that Alien V Predator or Avatar are based on actual events. It’s not as if the truth remains in tact and things do not get bent and sometimes broken for the sake of ratings and tears and laughter.

The reason I do not want to see this movie is because it looks like every other white-knight-comes-swooping-in-to-save-the-poor-brown-person-from-self-destruction piece of trash. I am thinking about my earlier letter to you Mr. Eastwood….

I am not against people helping each other. On the contrary stories with this theme are great, real or not. Why shouldn’t we extend beyond ourselves to help someone out? What comes up for me is the stories that are not told. Are there really that many white folks who reach out and help people of colour? Great! But I have a hard time imagining that help is not reciprocated. This reminds me of Dave Chappelle talking about Elizabeth Smart being kidnapped and held hostage for months when she was about eight miles from home. He talks about all the press the story got, but when a seven year-old black girl was kidnapped in PA and escaped within 45 minutes, that did not make headlines. So, what I am talking about is disproportionate storytelling here.

There have been studies on white guilt in Hollywood; the need to cast people of colour in positive light so as to somehow make up for lack of roles and years of continued discrimination. And there are also a lot of stories about redemption on the part of white folks extending more than a hand to poor people of colour. This movie just looks so god damn cliche.

Also, don’t think that title is lost on me. Is Bullock’s character supposed to be “colour blind?” That is yet another lovely myth adopted by white folks who like to pretend they see beyond the colour of skin. If you can tell me what colour shirt I am wearing, then you can tell me the shade of my skin. Get over yourself.

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