Tuesday, November, 3, 09

Marriage Proposal and the Media

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by theradishpress

Imagine if he had said no! Ok, what they did is smart, proposing marriage during the hearing, but what I find fascinating is the gay marriage opponent interviewed: an older black woman. How about the media fulfill those stereotypes that black folks are all against gay marriage? I wonder how many opponents they interviewed? And the “concerned” white lawyer lady…even better contrast.

This news segment is the perfect example for me of who tends to be the folks seeking marriage: those in places of privilege; white men. Before you get all mad at me, I am all for equal rights, including marriage. What I am not for, is marriage being at the forefront of gay civil rights. There are larger issues that impact the entire community, and marriage is not something that everyone needs or wants or is most concerned with. For example, targeting black folks as anti-gay rights effects gay black folks. Things like homelessness, drug abuse, suicide, these seem like things that need quick attention and outreach. And these are not just issues that effect the gay community, but humanity. And it is not the responsibility of gay folks to fight for rights without outside support.

Anyway, this is about the construction of this news piece. It is a less than two-minute segment that illustrates the media’s hand in supporting stereotypes and  complete disregard for supposed “fair and balanced” reporting. And the thing is, I am apparently insane for reading into this. But everything is done with a purpose. Someone took the time to do the interview, set up the lights, the mics, the shot, the audio, edit, etc. Do not think these interviews are by accident. And do not think they are edited together without thought. But that’s just it too: it is possible that there was a lack of thought given to the impact of how it is edited on someone’s part. Because that is also how stereotypes and privilege work; one does not need to think about impact.

I miss teaching media literacy….


  1. ugh, please teach again. you’re so smart and good at breaking things down.

    Comment by Sadiqeh — Tuesday, November, 3, 09 @ 4:23 pm | Reply

  2. and if it were really about broadening “family” it would be for partnerships or households, etc. why must we use the language of marriage? i’ll tell you why, here are a few reasons:

    *owning people, including children, through use of contract
    *cuz let’s face it, weddings are a corporate money-spending and making, capitalistic, registry-driven, go into debt to prove how much we love each other by how much the favors cost sort of enterprise.
    *please like us other white straight people, see, we’re just like you, PUKE!

    Comment by Anonymous — Sunday, December, 20, 09 @ 4:22 am | Reply

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