Sunday, June, 27, 10

Zach Anner does it again…this time to Fox News

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You know this Steven Crowder guy, who is apparently a stand-up comedian, totally thought he was going to out-wit Zach Anner. Wrong. There’s a reason you’re a contributor on Fox News Steven: you’re smug and not funny. I only had to watch this interview to see that.

In case you want another example of how unfunny Crowder is:

I don’t care what your political views are. This is not funny.

Anyway, Zach Anner remains awesome, and totally shuts down Crowder’s racism and overall douchebaggery.

source: The Daily What

Thursday, June, 24, 10

Boycat is his own doppleganger

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Wednesday, June, 23, 10

Zach Anner continues to defy the laws of awesome

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vote for him here:

Thursday, June, 17, 10


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once more…

once more again…

Don’t be jealous of my Microsoft Paint skills.

Wednesday, June, 16, 10


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Stay cold Ponyboy.

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-credit to RWalter for the geniusness.

The Human Centipede v Avenging Unicorn

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Kristina’s reaction to The Human Centipede, reenacted by Avenging Unicorn.

Tuesday, June, 15, 10

Zach Anner, My Current Hero

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Zach’s blog:

Monday, June, 14, 10

Sad Keanu Strikes Again. World Cup Edition

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thank you again to The Daily What!

Friday, June, 11, 10

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Riddler?

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Rumor has it the Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Riddler in the next Batman. I support this more than I support Donald Glover as Spider-Man and more than I support England defeating the US in tomorrow’s World Cup match, and more than I support squirrels rampaging, and more than I support the next Batman movie.

If the last thing you saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in also starred John Lithgow or involved Gordon-Levitt flapping his arms at baseball games do yourself a favor and rent Mysterious Skin, Manic, and (500) Days of Summer. Dude can act. He turned an almost villainous who-gives-a-fuck attitude wielding teenage prostitute into a care taking protector in Mysterious Skin and somehow made his handsome self seem dorky and confused and not a lady’s man in (500) Days of Summer. Also, his SNL monologue is one of the best I have ever seen. Anyone who can run up a wall and loves Singing in the Rain is hot to me.

Christopher Nolan is an intelligent director and knows how to work with actors, as can be seen in all of his movies, but if you want an example from a purely Bruce Wayne/Batman perspective, see the most recent Batman films. He clearly knows to let actors do what comes naturally and organically, hence the amazing growl touch from Christian Bale (shut-up haters who do not understand its brilliance) and the definitely Oscar worthy performance of Heath Ledger. Don’t forget Cillian Murphy’s frightening portrayal of Dr. Jonathan Crane.

here are some rumor sources:

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