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Hollywood and Politics

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According to The New York Times Bob Kerrey, current President of The New School and former senator of Nebraska, may become the new head of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The MPAA is responsible for film ratings and lobbying on behalf of Hollywood. Dan Glickman, who just resigned in April, was a congressman for Kansas and Clinton’s agriculture secretary. Jack Valenti, before him, was an aide Lyndon Johnson.

Bob Kerrey has agreed to resign from The New School when his contract ends in 2011, after many protests from students, including a building being takeover as well as a vote of no confidence from the majority of the university’s faculty.

What the hell is Hollywood lobbying for anyway? Disney straight up admitted that they worked with the Pentagon on Black Hawke Down.

I fail to see how requiring a PG-13 rating for movies with smoking is an improvement. Why is it up to the government to decide what is and is not acceptable on film? At least a government like Iran is honest with their censorship. The US acts like everything is all open and free and people can express themselves. If that truly were the case, lobbying for Hollywood…really?

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