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Umbrellas Past

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I loathe scalpers

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I could not get tickets to the hitRECord show Sept 6 because they sold out in about 5 minutes. Either there are people more insane then myself out there and really wanted to go, or there are a bunch of scalpers buying all the tickets. I am going with the latter. Remember waiting in the Hecht’s parking lot for the doors to open so we could run in line and buy tickets at 6am? Remember how fun that was and how not annoying to sit and wait for an internet page to load and how not anger inducing it was?!?!?! If it was sold out you knew it was because someone either called in or stood in line and that person in line before you got the last tickets that were physically there in the hands of the poor person working Hecht’s guest services who could really care less about Tibetan Freedom Concerts and my personal obsession with Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Also, those tickets were $60 for a two day festival, which was an insane amount of money to me at the age of 15. Now a concert ticket to see just Pearl Jam costs more than that.

Also, scalpers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt does not approve of your scalping:

crazy eyes means: I hate scalpers!

Mystery Solved

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Eleven Pirouettes

The Ramodon Has A Lot of Energy

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Wait, wait, wait…does this mean Michael J. Fox went back in time?

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One thing I personally love that the media does is speculate on the sexuality of actors/actresses when they play a queer character. Remember when Brokeback Mountain came out (Puns are never intended. I hate puns.) and everyone (not me) was wondering if Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Heath Ledger were gay? Same thing happened to pretty much the entire cast of Queer as Folk, and now Nelsan Ellis who portrays Lafayette on True Blood. Ryan Kwanten, also of True Blood, and Daniel Radcliffe are rumored to play gay in a new film titled My Fair Lidy (Towleroad). Radcliffe has already had the rumors circulating because he’s very outspoken with his support of queer rights. I guess he should prepare to be considered gay until proven straight.

These rumors are obviously true. All rumors are, right? Also, think about Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s method, and he starred in My Beautiful Laundrette. Gay. Christian Bale is supposedly method – of course he’s method, that is the only explanation for his awesome outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation – and he starred in Velvet Goldmine. Gay. Speaking of Velvet Goldmine, Ewan McGregor is in that and he plays gay in like every other movie he stars in. Judi Dench embodies every character she plays. Did you see Notes on a Scandal? Gay. But wait, this brings me to my point. Judi Dench is clearly not only gay but also a psychopath.

Look, if all these people are gay because of the characters they play (Dude, Jack Twist is the gayest name ever. I bet Gyllenhaal suggested that name.) why has no one asked the really important questions?

Is Arnold a cyborg? Will he kill everyone in his path? Should Linda Hamilton fear for her life?

Is Brad Pitt actually Jesse James? How old is Jesse James? Why is he not in jail?

Is Robert Pattinson a vampire who can walk in daylight?! Is Kristen Stewart a helpless teenage girl with zero self-esteem who wants Robert Pattinson to turn her into a vampire? Also, is she a necrophyliac? And is Taylor Lautner a werewolf? But more importantly, does he keep his shirt off most of the time? If so, I want his number.

Is Zoe Saldana from the future? Does she speak Klingon? Does she have an alien for a boyfriend?

Hello! These are all important things! Why does anyone care about who is sleeping with who when there could be actual vampires, aliens, and killers among us. They have fooled us into thinking they are just playing a role, but no! They must be stopped. Immediately.

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Oh Leo, you so crazy

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First Day of Classes

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fgjkliorenvgughkl;rngtafmadng;rjt <-phonetic representation of my brain

The Ramodon Breathes Flowers

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by Aman and Sadiqeh

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The Ramodon Can Do Many Things

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The Ramodon Loves Music

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