Wednesday, August, 18, 10

Is My Husband GAY?

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by theradishpress

Stephenson Billings over at Christwire is apparently an expert on the subject.

Billings wrote “Is My Husband GAY?” for the site.

Some true gems from the informative article:

“Homosexuality can pop up at any time during a long-term relationship.”

“…homosexuality can appear later in life when men crave some escape from the monotony of careers and home life.”

“Is he fond of winking at people?”

“Natural men have a certain amount of grit about them. They sweat and they smell. Homosexuals often abhor this sort of thing and will also be incredibly particular about the cleanliness of the home.” <-who doesn’t like their house to be especially clean? Are you telling me that marrying a dirty smelly man is what I should do. Hello New York! <-lot’s of dirty guys here.

“Sassy, sarcastic and ironic around his friends” <- so all male hipsters are gay? Got it!

“Does he go shirtless in the back yard or at picnics when other men are around?”

I highly recommend you read the article. Apparently no man is at risk of marrying a lesbian. Good to know.

Some people are such haters.

and thank you Ivan for sharing this.


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