Friday, August, 20, 10

Dear Hollywood

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by theradishpress

Dear Hollywood,

Please stop.

With the most sincerest of regards,


/Film and other film blogs are reporting that, with The Social Network – you know, that movie about rich white kids who make a website lacking integrity and have boring rich white people problems? – expected to do well and already receiving stellar reviews, Hollywood is planning their next start-up movie: Googled.

I stated in a previous post that there are folks hating on Inception. I am not one of those people. Want to know one of my many reasons for that? It is original. Yes, I know, it draws from existing myths and no story is purely original, but it’s not Battleship (what asshole thought making a movie based on that boring game was a good idea?) or Little Fockers (I did not see Meet the Fockers because Meet the Parents was painful enough.) or a remake of some 80’s movie that kids these days should just watch instead of thinking the remake starring Zac Efron is the first ever! No! It is not. Go eat some vegetables, get off your cell phone you should not have anyway, and watch The Breakfast Club. Learn a thing or two why don’t you?

Hollywood needs to hire me to punch idiots with no original ideas in the face and give them some good ideas. In fact, why not make a movie about a concerned citizen who attacks Hollwood “thinkers” and “idea” people because they suck so bad? There, I gave you an idea. Don’t let John Woo direct it. It will be told entirely in slow motion and we don’t need that. Don’t let Tom Cruise play my part either. I want Emile Hirsch for that.



  1. Great information. Thanks

    Comment by free full movie — Friday, August, 20, 10 @ 10:54 pm | Reply

  2. You know who totally grew on me and I didn’t expect it? Knives Chau.

    Comment by InfoMofo — Monday, August, 23, 10 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

    • Agreed. She was awesome at playing a high schooler. I loved that she got to kick some ass too. I mean, her name is Knives…it had to happen.

      Comment by theradishpress — Monday, August, 23, 10 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

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