Saturday, August, 28, 10

“I loved that chair.”

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Friday, August, 27, 10

The Ramodon Takes Long Walks

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by Aman and Sadiqeh

Meowford and Sons

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“…they’re really f*#@ing good…” Meow Reilly sigh.

Joe Williams, the ALBINO tours a Palace

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Welcome to sayitwithseasalt

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sayitwithseasalt will be contributing some photos from her iPhone starting right here right now after this entry. Most will be network screen captures, some will be devil cats, others will be who knows what.

Thursday, August, 26, 10

The Ramodon Loves Food

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by Aman and Sadiqeh

Only in my dreams…

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How do we make this happen?

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Wednesday, August, 25, 10

The Ramodon Induces Sleep

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by Aman and Sadiqeh

Kevin Peter Hall as Data or Geordi?!?!

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Letters of Note posted this memo regarding casting Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dude, Kevin Peter Hall could have been Data or Geordi! If you do not know who Kevin Peter Hall is, shame on you. He played THE Predator and Harry of Harry and the Hendersons fame. Sadly, he passed away in 1991. Yaphet Kotto was considered for Picard. That’s G from Homicide you ignorant dummies! If you like The Wire, watch Homicide. Anyway, just think how different Star Trek could have been. I love Yaphet Kotto, but I cannot see anyone else as Picard. Patrick Stewart is the man.

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Meow Reilly loves Edward Sharpe

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