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Disney Can Show Us the World

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by theradishpress

Headline from the NY Daily News: ” Disney allows employee to wear headscarf — with a beret”. “Allows,” that is the word that gets me. And it’s not a poor choice on the part of the paper. It’s a poor choice on the part of Disney. Who are they to allow or disallow anyone from wearing a scarf or any other religious symbol?

Let’s not kid ourselves though, Disney is the same company that produced Aladdin (“Call me Al!”) and The Lion King, two of their most racist features. And of course there is the endless sexism in their movies. All moms are dead or evil. All women/girls gain happiness through men. And this is just the cartoons. It’s not as if their live action features are any better. Remember The Swiss Family Robinson? And if you want to get more current, Pirates of the Caribbean is a great example of all kinds of isms. Good for Johnny Depp for refusing to tone down his apparently too gay character. Bad for Johnny Depp for continuing to make movies that should have stopped after the first.

Above is a picture of Imane Boudial who refused to remove her scarf or move to a position out of the public eye. God forbid Disneyland patrons know Muslims exist. It’s not as if Muslims are constantly in the news for our apparent terrorist-like existence. So Disney, saints that they are, believers in the small world we live in – forget that they prefer anyone who is one shade darker than translucent remian animatronic – agreed to ALLOW Boudial to wear her scarf as long as she also wear a hat over it. Previously, Disney also fought with Noor Abdallah to remove her scarf. Suzi Brown, a spokesperson for Disney, “praised the company’s willingness to work with Abdallah.” Yes, Disney deserves praise for discrimination and then stepping back because they realized that discrimination could get them in trouble. Well done Disney. You are true allies to all Muslims. You can read the whole Daily News article on their site.

[via Gawker]


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