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Here’s the Thing

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by theradishpress

Crook: It’s Good to Be Bad, an Indian film that depicts violence against Indians in Australia is being criticized for harsh images of Australians. Apparently folks in India and Australia are saying it unfairly shows all Australians as drunks, hyper-sexual, violent, and basically every negative image that you know, is normally associated with brown people. Those darns Indians using stereotypes. Don’t they know that it’s only brown people who are hyper-sexual and violent?

But hey, I guess all those white natives of Australia have every right to be upset. They were forced to steal that land and commit genocide. And that fact that this movie has been made in response to recent acts of violence against Indians in Australia has nothing to do with the way white Australians are portrayed.

So, I for one think that perpetuating stereotypes is a bunch of bull and never helps any actual dialogue take place. That being said, why is it that if there is even an inkling of negativity associated with white folks in movies or on TV or any form of media, suddenly there is a huge outcry of the bullshit that is reverse racism. Like Kat says, “remove head from sphincter”.

[via Yahoo! news]


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