Thursday, October, 14, 10

My Return to Facebook

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by theradishpress

Yes, you read that correctly. I am back on facebook. I suppose telling you why will ruin the fun of it, but I don’t care. Since leaving the social network a certain friend has harassed me over email and through my siblings on Facebook about getting back into it. It has all been in fun.

Being the immature person that I am, I came to the conclusion that creating a new account would be fun. My options are to have this account and friend that person who has been “harassing” me, then delete my account again within a week or so to annoy him even more. Option two is to create the account and be friends with only him and proceed to annoy him over Facebook. Both make me laugh.

I figure ultimately there is no harm in terms of privacy considering all of our information is on the giant CIA Facebook server anyway. And this way, I can laugh. A lot.

I am still debating which route to take.

Also, on the day I returned, I came across this article: When Does Life Without Facebook Become Unsustainable?

Well, if he reads this. My “cover” is blown. I don’t care though. It still makes me laugh. And clearly, that is all that matters.


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