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Wait, those are not quality chocolates?

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by theradishpress

I was in line in the drug store last night and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates caught my eye.

The only times I remember having these growing up was when they were given to us by family or friends. I do not ever remember my parents buying them. That is because they were expensive, which in my mind meant quality. I remember thinking they were the most delicious chocolates I had ever eaten.

The thought has crossed my mind before, but for some reason last night it really hit me how many things seem like they are quality because they are expensive, but I now know they are just expensive. It also made me realize just how crappy the crap we would get was. And still is. Little Hugs will apparently never die. They would survive the end of days. I am not sad that we got crap. I am just amazed at how perspective works. It reminds me of a previous conversation with Ren and Dan where Ren said growing up he thought Wheat Thins were poor people food and Dan and I said we thought they were rich people food. (I may have mentioned that conversation before). But if Wheat Thins and Ferrero Rocher are neither poor people nor rich people food who the hell is eating all this crap? I still think these chocolates are too expensive, and if I have the money for chocolate I would rather just splurge and get the really fancy kind that has flavors like salted almonds and mushroom bits (yes, there is a chocolate that has mushroom bits. Why? Because they can). I will walk around the store with a box of Wheat Thins in my hands, but I inevitably put it back. Too damn expensive.

Although I technically cannot afford to eat out as much as I do, the deprivation of it growing up makes it so appealing. And certain foods have an appeal too, because like Wheat Thins and Ferrero Rocher we could not get them. I recently admitted to a friend that I thought canned fruit was delicious and classy. The only canned fruit my dad ever bought was tangerines and pineapple. And even then, it was rare. But those were on sale I guess. The canned pears and peaches and the canned fruit salad never were. But I wanted them badly. Well, now, I find them syrupy and gross. Because they are. And they are still too much in my opinion. Let’s just jack up the price on crap and let people think it’s good. No, it’s not.

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