Wednesday, June, 19, 13


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I would like to hold your hand

A simple request that can’t be met

Days and days between our time

People and places between our lives


I write you letters, you sing me songs.

Maybe this time next year our distance won’t be so long.


I can wait with you on my mind.

Rather feel your skin against mine.


I whisper I love you,

your secret to keep.

You hold me closer like I am you.


Your skin is soft,

your face is sweet, your hands are gentle,

your voice deep.

I listen close to every word.

I wrap your words around my waist.

I’m not sure, how much longer can I wait…

Friday, June, 14, 13

Written 14 Dec 2012

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I broke myself apart into pieces of each self I knew

I offered definitions descriptions explanations



all the words I could find to say look at me and everything that I am

I am this and I am that and sometimes there and sometimes here

I spread my words across sheets of endless paper,

     this time they will know me.


When they told me I was not who I said I was I told them they were who I knew them to be.

They were thieves and liars and colonizers and rapists and murderers and deniers of every truth that ever met them.


I set myself a space to breathe.

I gathered all those parts of me and held each one close to speak.

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