Tuesday, April, 15, 08

I went through this obsession…

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…with Kurt Cobain. (Frankly, I am still fairly obsessed. It was just really intense before). I think I may have mentioned it before. I know I did. Because I already posted a drawing I did of him that then transformed into some sort of zombie image.

Anyway, here is another. This is just a collage of sorts of Kurt Cobain related images, or what I considered at the time to be related to him. At this point in my life I was very much influenced by my religious upbringing and was concerned that Kurt Cobain was most likely in Hell for committing suicide.

Like BJ helped me with the previous image, Lauren Terrill helped me with this one. I no longer remember what exactly she did and what I did, she helped me, nevertheless.

I can’t help but laugh at my work. But then, I do still feel a great deal of compassion towards Kurt Cobain. Maybe that’s why I laugh, cause my compassion from before was mixed in with a lot of pity.


Note: After looking at the larger image, I realized I am an idiot. It says clearly, in Lauren’s handwriting which drawings are hers and which are mine.

Wednesday, April, 2, 08

Approval of Liz

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Approval of Liz

It is faint, I know, but if you look at the bottom it says “Aman Agah BJ Leiberman” then “Approval of Liz Collins.” That about sums it up. I am pretty sure, given the date of this drawing and the image, that it started out as Kurt Cobain, and then withe help of BJ – and this most likely occurred in Journalism class – the drawing turned into a bloody, mutilated body. I wish I could remember exactly what happened. Just reading the words “approval of Liz Collins” makes it hilarious. As if BJ and I were sitting at the table running each addition by her. Or maybe we finished the whole thing, keeping it secretive as we worked, then showed it to Liz.

I do recall a lot of shenanigans in Journalism. A lot of goofing around. That’s where Liz got the name Liiiz, which, 10 years later, still makes me laugh. That’s how she’s saved in my phone. This is where Judd came in half way through and when asked by me what song he was singing he said “I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Mublime.” I knew then that he was cool.

What I don’t recall, aside from two stories, was writing anything for the paper. I wrote two human interest pieces, one on David Retter and one on XaK Bausch. I don’t recall the details of either, though I bet they are somewhere amongst my things in Manassas. What I do remember is that I wrote about David being a hippie. The piece on XaK focused primarily on his playing baseball. I feel like I wrote about him eating trash too, though, that doesn’t sound right. Writing the XaK story lead Big Buck to calling me XaK’s girlfriend, something else that still makes me laugh, but mostly at myself, because part of me felt like I was cooler for it. As if I could get any cooler than I already was.

Tuesday, March, 25, 08


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IfansI definitely went through a phase where I drew angels because I thought I was good at it, and trees in this style. I may not be out of the tree phase, in fact. There is a giant one painted on our living room wall. This drawing stood out to me as a must not because of the images, but the words, well “ifans.” This has to be from high school and from the infamous Rhiannon spells Rhys Ifans phone call. I went through multiple spelling of his name, most memorably “Ifananas” before understanding that she was saying I-F-A-N-S.


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