Tuesday, May, 26, 09

Gonzalo sightings #6 and #7

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by theradishpress

On Sunday walking to Babeland on Rivington with Sadiqeh, Ren, Raimondi, and Ludwig. Outside of Sunshine cinema Ben Foster!!!

Omg, that’s Ben Foster. Hot. He looks shy and like he has a permanent angry face like me, but isn’t really angry.

I tell Sadiqeh in Farsi to look over. Ren stood a few feet in front of him to make sure I saw. Hahaha.

On Monday, after watching some repeats of season 4 ANTM Sadiqeh and I saw Keenyah from that season at the Canal St JMZ waiting for the same train. It’s nice to be able to point things out in Farsi.

Of course, Ben Foster probable speaks Farsi ’cause he’s learning it for some role. Speaking of which, I owe Jake Gyllenhaal a letter.

Monday, May, 11, 09

Gonzalo Sightings #5 – Blake Lively

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by theradishpress

I saw Star Trek on Friday. Yes, it was amazing.

So, Ren went with me like 4 hours before the show because I wanted to check out the line and pick up my ticket. We got to the kiosk and I swiped my card, which did not work. Ren said, “You’re doing it wrong” and grabbed the card from me. Only, it did not work for him either. A girl to my left said, “Oh, you have to turn it over and do it this way. I saw a lot of people doing it that way too.”

I looked up to say thanks and thought; Oh my god, it’s Blake Lively. And she is hot. Oh my god.

I thanked her and cracked some joke about how I am glad I am not the only one who does things backwards, because as Sadiqeh would tell you, I do generally have  a hard time working credit card machines (particularly at CVS). She laughed and was gorgeous.

When she walked away I kinda squeeled to Ren that that was her and he said, oh the guy must be Chace then. I looked up as they were walking out the door and saw that no, it was Penn Badgley, also insanely attractive. (‘Cause, you know, celebrities sometimes are hot only on TV or in the movies, not in real life).

Ren told me he almost whispered to me “That girl is hot.” I said I was glad he did not, because he does not know how to whisper.

Of course I told Sadiqeh right away.

It was so crowded in the theater if she had not said anything to me I doubt I would have even seen her. And that was nice of her to point out we were doing it wrong, ’cause I so would have gone and stood in the uselessly long ass line to talk to someone.

Thursday, December, 11, 08

Gonzalo Sightings #4

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by theradishpress

I walked somewhat leisurely toward University Pl and 14th, heading toward work, debating chai from Joe’s.

Oh my god, that’s Michael Showalter. Hmmm, he has a suitcase. Where is he going? Ok, I will cross here too. Who is that with him? Michael Ian Black! Wouldn’t it be funny if they were going to Joe’s too? I want to say hi, but they look tired and have clearly been traveling. But so funny…and let’s be honest, hot too.

They continued down University Pl and I took my right onto 13th, figuring I had enough time to grab a chai from Joe’s without being too late. I texted Sadiqeh immediately. Someone had to understand my joy at just seeing their hilarious faces.

I wonder if this is my free drink yet? I will see. Holy crap, that’s David Wain in front of me. I bet he’s looking for those two.

Wain gets on his phone.

Should I tell him I just saw his friends? No, no.

Got my chai.

And there’s Showalter.¬† I just smiled at him like I know him. Grrreat. And there’s Ian Black. This is too good to be true. Stella, right here.

Wednesday, May, 28, 08

Gonzalo Sightings #3 – Randy Harrison

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Celebrity Sightings will now be referred to as “Gonzalo Sightings,” because Gonzalo gets excited every time I post one.

Aman’s inner-dialogue: 14th St. Get off here. Oh my god, That’s Randy Harrison. He is too cute. Oh man, he walks so fast. I want to say hi. No, no. I will end up saying something stupid, sounding like a 12 year old. Leave it alone. Look how blonde his hair is.

I have very deep thoughts, I know.

One week later at Union Square:

Hello! Randy Harrison again. Dammit, I am going to say hi and tell him how awesome he is on QAF and how much I love that show. No, I can’t. There are too many people around and he is talking to some old guy. I know his birthday is the day before mine, I could tell him that we are both Scorpios. Like he doesn’t know he’s a Scorpio. No, I am going to keep walking and find somewhere to eat my food.

Friday, May, 9, 08

Celebrity Sighting #2

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April 19. Roller derby. Krissy and I went to the opening match with Kelly and Co.

As Krissy and I were walking around trying to find them a security guard stopped us and was trying to figure out based on our ticket color where we should sit. As I was telling him we were looking for our friends he asked one of the Gotham Girls people. She said she didn’t know and I stood there staring at her.

I know her. Why do I know here? Oh my god.

“You’re from Another Gay Movie right?”

I can’t remember the conversation exactly, but she said yes, and was clearly flattered that I recognized her. I told her that she was hilarious in it, ’cause she was. Then I said something about remembering her as a cop in Die Hard IV. She said we should talk later, she had to go to start doing the announcing. She seemed really nice and kinda genuinely appreciative that I knew who she was, not like an AHole about it. So, I did have Krissy try and help me find her at half-time and again at the end…failure.

Later, thanks to imdb, I realized she is not in Die Hard IV, but Inside Man. Still a cop, and I had the image correct, just the wrong movie. Whatever.

It’s Ashlie Atkinson, by the way.

Thursday, April, 17, 08

Celebrity Sightings

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When I worked at the IFC Center I started seeing a lot of celebrities. After telling Rebecca about seeing Beck, she recommended I write down my inner dialogue (<-another word wordpress does not recognize). Which, I did. At least while working there. So, now I will begin sharing some of the thoughts that run through my head when I see celebrities…well, specific people. Starting with last night:

Liz! Oh man, Project Runway dude. It’s the dude who had to leave for the mouth thing. Hmmm, I should I say something? Hmmmm, no. No. Yes. No. Don’t. Leave him alone. He’s so muscley. He’s in the subway station! He’s not even *really* a celebrity. Ok, I should go after him and just tell him I really liked him on the show and was sad he had to leave. Oh man, I have to tell Liz. She got me into this. No, no chasing him. Leave him alone. He carried Christian in his bag. So cute, I can’t wait to tell Liz. She’ll be so excited.

Yeah…deep thoughts. I know.

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