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12. Tank Girl

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by theradishpress

Doesn’t Ice-T play a kangaroo/man in this? I remember trying to watch this at the library of Mason and not sure if it was supposed to be funny or ridiculous or what. Lori Petty is pretty badass, and I think I recall wanting to be just as cool and hot as her. This I would definitely get and finish and actually pay attention to. Watching movies in the public library is a sad move to make, sometimes necessary, but in this case it was not. I would have finished it had it been for a class. This was more of an “I’m bored and waiting” kind of move. I remember feeling like it was Road Warrior on crack, which says a lot considering Road Warrior is pretty much already on crack. My favourite character from that is still the mohawked chaps guy and his blonde boyfriend who says nothing. That movie is so 80s it hurts. I also remember thinking that Gwen Stefani stole from Lori Petty when I saw this. Who knows? At this point I would definitely believe it. Gwen Stefani reminds me more and more of Madonna. She may have a fake English accent too for all I know. I only forgive Mandy Slade that disastrous move, and if legend is true, she is the original. The others are just taking from her anyway. Apocalyptic sci-fi movies need more girl heroes. I know you thought Resident Evil was the first. Well, it wasn’t.

Thursday, July, 3, 08

11. Party Girl

Yes, I have seen it. And when I read the title on my list just now I knew Parker Posey was in it, but not sure it was the same Parker Posey movie I had seen. IMDb confirmed that it is. I guess it’s not that memorable. I remember liking it enough. It was funny, cute, and maybe now that I live in NY and went through my own struggle trying to find a job, I would appreciate it even more. Though, I definitely do not spend my money on fashionable clothes or parties. I did just find out that Eddie Vedder is doing a solo tour and I want to purchase tickets for that. That is where my money goes….music, and movies. Anyway, the one thing I remember most about this movie is the Middle Eastern guy in it, played by Omar Townsend. This is his only movie, sadly, ‘cause he is gorgeous. I doubt I will see this again. I know, I know, Ade, it’s like one of your favouritest movies ever. I borrowed it from Ade about two years ago. I think she owns it on VHS. Ade, if you read this, speaking of borrowing movies, you still have Dazed and Confused and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The former, is more whatever, but I have been craving the latter. I suppose I could netflix it.

Thursday, June, 5, 08

10. Waiting for Guffman

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I know, I know. Christopher Guest is supposed to be hilarious and amazing. I like the 6 fingered man just as much as the next ROUS, and Best in Show is pretty priceless, but I have never seen Spinal Tap – mainly due to the fact that I spent the majority of my life thinking it was a real documentary – and I could not get past 10 minutes of this movie. Yes, it has a great cast. Parker Posey is generally all that is needed in order for my attention to be grabbed, but I felt like everyone knew they were being funny. Like it is a bunch of friends getting together to show each other and anyone else who will watch just how hilarious they are, but really they are mostly making themselves laugh. And okay, most comedies, particularly those made by and starring the same people, are like that. It is all about making themselves laugh, but I want to laugh too. I don’t need to be in on every freaking joke. OR, I need it to be really out there, like Stella. Just make it totally nuts so that I am laughing at how fucking weird it is, and awkwardly hilarious. I feel like Superbad was a lot of inside joking and cast and crew cracking each other up, but at least they dished out some awesomeness for the audience. Though, really…cop scenes, cut it short. Maybe I should give this another chance. Maybe Christopher Guest and his troupe are not my thing. I think the latter. Now every asshole Christopher Guest fan is going to go on about how great his movies are. I think Spinal Tap will remain like Titanic, not going to see it.

Thursday, May, 29, 08

9. The Slacker

Yet another Richard Linklater movie. I was all about seeing it around the same time I was all about SubUrbia. But I think the whole frontal nudity thing kinda took away most of my wanting. And at this point, I could really care less about seeing it. I mean, Texas…meh. I don’t really have an interest in a movie that takes place in Texas, unless it’s a Western. I love Westerns. Though, The Assisination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford and I seem to be having a conflict of interest. I don’t know if it is that I am feeling lazy about watching it, or I am anticipating some not-goodness.  So far I am unsure of how I feel about a lot of the cinematography. Also, I pretty much trust Brad Pitt as an actor. At least, I know what to expect. But I am not so sure of him as a producer. Casey Affleck, though, he is golden. Anyway, Slacker…no thanks. See, I can’t even talk about it for that long, that’s how little interest I have.

Thursday, May, 15, 08

8. SubUrbia

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All I remember is frantically turning this movie off because Giovanni Ribisi has a scene of full frontal nudity. My parents must have been home. Knowing that Richard Linklater directed this, however, makes it appealing. In fact, that was why I saw it in the first place, I loved Dazed and Confused, so why would I not love this? I do remember watching it with my siblings and feeling like I did not want to be judged. This shall be netflixed. Let’s see what I was feeling judged about and if it is any good. Linklater is someone who has grown as a director. He has gotten better and seems more willing to take risks.

Thursday, May, 8, 08

7. The Last Supper

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It took me about ten years to see this movie. And I was already well past going off of this movie list. I think I got over the list pretty quick. I would find it every few years and just check off things that I had seen. Anyway, The Last Supper. This is a good movie, funny, smart, and with some good people in it. Rachel gets a little Annabeth Gish, Ayat gets some Ron Eldard, and I happen to enjoy the majority of the cast, but Mark Harmon gets a special shout-out, because he was in Let’s Get Harry. The story is, for those of you who do not know, a group of college friends who are living together decide, after an encounter with a racist man, that they should invite people over for dinner, and if the person’s political and social beliefs are harmful, kill them. It’s a pretty sweet premise, who wouldn’t love to invite people over for dinner and kill them. Though, I don’t know that I would ever want someone like George Bush within ten feet of my house, but whatever. Also, this is a dark comedy, which I always enjoy. They make the viewer just uncomfortable enough, but get the viewer thinking. Dark comedies are always challenging to watch because they poke fun at things that are not typically made fun of, or are taboo to make fun of, and often in unconventional ways. (Unconventional to comedies, at least. I still laugh when people die in movies, like Anakin killing “younglings”). I think this movie made me wonder how far would I go for the things I think to be true. When it comes to most things, there is no black and white, all are shades of gray. However, there are certain things where there is right and there is wrong, so Bill Paxton’s racist character, for example, as Behnaz would say: Die in a fire. Of course, the bloody NCBI in me is all “ooh, but everyone has a story.” Not that guy. I think that there are points of no return. George Bush, yet again, comes to mind. That man has murdered so many people, his family took money from the Nazis, his dad murdered so many people, and served under a president that ignored the deaths of so many people…how many deaths are the Bushes responsible for? It’s well into the millions, we all know that. You know what, the earth and animals cannot be ignored, it’s in the fucking billions. So, yeah, there’s no turning back George Bush.
Well, I recommend The Last Supper. I am glad I had not seen it when the list was given to me. My mind was often clouded with a little self hate and the refusal to question certain things I was taught. I know I would have reacted with dislike and maybe never bothered to see it again. But maybe I would have. I remember having to read A Doll’s House in the 10th grade and ranting and raving about how Nora was wrong to leave her family, blah blah blah. I had to read it again in the 12th grade and I had done a full 180. I was fiercely defending her decision. I guess, for me, I had not reached that point of no return.

Thursday, May, 1, 08

6. Drugstore Cowboys

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I actually rented this. The problem was, at the time, I still lived at home. After all, it was high school. The movie started and I knew there was no way I would get to finish it. We had one TV in the family room and my parents’ bedroom was right next door. I could not watch a movie about junkies without them walking by and possibly joining me…awkward. I want to finish it though, I think. Matt Dillon is a good enough reason to see it. Gus Van Sant…well, it’s hard to say. The fact that he made Last Days annoys me. Of course, Drugstore Cowboys came out way before then and I knew nothing of it. But he’s weird. Sometimes I feel like Van Sant tries too hard to be artistic and strange. Those things should come naturally. David Lynch is naturally a weirdo. David Gordon Greene is naturally artistic, and a little strange. Van Sant, I think he is overall a good director. He has made a wide range of quality movies, like Elephant, Good Will Hunting, To Die For, and My Own Private Idaho. But even Idaho has this really pushed artistic feeling to it. I know, I know, it is Shakespearian, but Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You are as well and they are not at times awkward to watch. I can easily Netflix this. I am inclined to do so. I can always stop it if I feel it’s a little too Van Sant and not enough story.

Thursday, April, 24, 08

5. Chasing Amy

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Sadly, I have seen this movie twice. To be fair, though, the second time was because I had regained faith in Kevin Smith via Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and I wanted to know if this movie was as bad as I remembered it. It is worse. This whole movie is the epitome of grossness. It is a 90+ minute wet dream for hetero boys. First, the viewer is subjected to a raunchy retelling by a bro of the ever annoyingly voiced Joey Lauren Adams’ three-way with two guys, then the whole story revolves around her character giving lesbian sex details to Ben Affleck’s Holden McNeil, and eventually of course, falling in love with him. What girl would not? Lesbian, bi, queer, or hetero? Seriously? I feel like this movie is supposed to be a shimmer of hope for those self-hating gays out there and mostly it is just, as I said, made for hetero boys with an obsession for lesbians. The consolation prize to any queer turned straight is, of course, Ben Affleck. The only thing I gained from this movie was that at the time that I saw it, which is pretty much when it came out on video, I liked to play a game where I tried to prove through the characters he played, that Ben Affleck was gay. It helped me in my game, that is all. Jay and Silent Bob, the reason to watch any Kevin Smith movie, were barely in it, and Silent Bob’s speech is way too long and way too pointless. Even Jason Lee’s Banky could not make the movie good for me. At least Mallrats does not pretend to be anything but ridiculous. This movie, however, is attempting for the more serious, hence the toned down Jason Lee and almost invisible Jay and Silent Bob. But how can I take it seriously when it is such a ridiculous storyline? I have no intention of ever giving my time to this movie again. It has been established that it is trash; hetero boy trash.

Thursday, April, 17, 08

4. If Lucy Fell

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The title alone is enough to keep me from seeing this. Have not seen it, no plans to. For one, I have no idea what it is about, nor do I have any interest in finding out. All of the other movies on my list that have yet to be viewed or never will be viewed at least have struck some chord with me causing me to decide they are not worth my time. For some reason, because I cannot remember at all what this is about, it makes it even less appealing. Also, isn’t Jennifer Aniston in it? Nope, wrong J. It’s Sarah Jessica Parker. (Thank you imdb). What imdb has also provided me with is a brief synopsis, and I am glad that not knowing what this movie is about has always been enough to keep me from seeing it. Apparently Lucy, a very bright character I am sure, and sexy, and so on, convinces her roommate Joe that if they fail to have relationships within a month they should jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. Even the fact that I live in New York and this movie is set here is not enough for me to watch it and point to the screen as I tell myself I know where they are. Really? They’re going to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge if they are not in relationships? I suppose I should have jumped a long time ago then. It has now been confirmed that I have no intention of ever seeing this movie. Ever. I would rather watch Star Wars Episode I again.

Friday, April, 11, 08

3. Singles

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(I was trying get these posted on Thursdays, but that didn’t happen…so…suck it)

I was obsessed with Nirvana and Pearl Jam when I first saw this movie. More than Nirvana, it was Kurt Cobain that I was obsessed with. I don’t know how many poems I wrote about him in the seventh and eight grade. And grunge, well, the entire movement was something I wanted to be part of. I remember when I first saw this movie. Ayat had to pick me up from school because I was experiencing very painful cramps. I wanted to rent a movie and we ended up with Singles. Let’s see, what is good about Singles: Pearl Jam cameos, Tim Burton, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, spam, Seattle, Jane Fonda, Matt Dillon…anyway, it can go on. The Pearl Jam cameos are great. When I realized it was them that I was seeing on screen we had to re-watch their parts multiple times so that I could really take in Eddie Vedder’s voice. I may have been convinced at the time that he and I would one day be great friends. Let’s be honest, I am still convinced that he and I could be friends if we met. However, I no longer have plans, as I did between the ages of 13-18 to find him. Nor do I stand along the edge of RFK stadium yelling his name and getting a quick side wave in return. I will never forget Ayat’s face. Ha ha.
Back to Singles. It’s a fun movie, not too serious, not too funny, just the right amount of both. It has a very narrow audience, I think. Sure, it’s about love, but then the range gets smaller. It’s about college aged people, recent graduates. And smaller: in Seattle. And smaller: all into the same movement of music. And smaller: all hetero. And smaller: did I mention they are all white? That’s not to say I do not like the movie, obviously I do. Because I was so into that music the whole movie could have consisted of two characters going to concerts for 90 minutes and I never get to see any character development only hear music. In fact, that may make it way better, as long as Eddie still gets his speaking parts.

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