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Inception – Three Levels Deep

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I saw Inception for a third time. I thought three times would be a nice parallel to the three dream levels they reach. But I guess it’s really four dreams, so maybe I need to see it again? Then again, if the whole thing is a dream I should probably never leave the theater. Just keep watching it until I’ve figured it out.

Is it me, or is it not a difficult movie to follow? I do not find it confusing. You know what movie I did have a hard time following though? Sweet Home Alabama. I like to imagine it’s really just because the movie was so bad I slipped into a temporary coma and was therefore completely lost. Or I am that dumb. Or that movie is that dumb. Then again, I cannot follow the plots of the first two Mission Impossible movies either. To be fair to myself, the second one has a lot of slow motion and useless imagery like doves accompanying Tom Cruise in his final duel with Dougray Scott (whatever happened to that guy?).

Anyway, I still liked Inception. I know there are a lot of haters out there trying to rip it to shreds, looking for any plot holes possible, creating hilarious memes, and so on. All of which I appreciate. I for one like a story that incites dialogue. Or really funny pictures. Or anger. I like all this things to be incited. After I saw it for the third time I was thinking about how after Avatar there were reports of people entering states of depression because the magical land of Pandora is not real and they would rather live there than this world. Pathetic. Anyway, I was thinking that the nice thing about Inception is it takes place in dreams, so all you have to do to get all the cool effects like running through a zero gravity hotel is close your eyes and sleep. Back to Avatar and its fans for a moment, I am really looking forward to the number of people in this year’s Halloween parade who will be dressed up as Na’vi. Maybe I should dress up as the big hateful army guy so they know where I stand. All this information I have and I have not even seen the movie!

The whole time I have been writing this – all ten minutes, if even – I have been thinking about this play my friend Li(ii)z and I saw in Ireland in 2004 starring Cillian Murphy. It’s a classic Irish play, “Playboy of the Western World,” and yes, we saw it solely for the fact that he was in it. Anyway, we got there late because we are awesome and the dialogue is all old Irish so we understood pretty much nothing. Everyone around us was laughing. The only line I understood was “Have you come to kill him a third (pronounce turd) time?!” We laughed at that. That and the awesome dudes in tuxes eating ice cream bars at the intermission.

One more thing about Inception. I decided that the line “I bought the airline” is the new “I have to return some videotapes.”*

*you realize that there is a whole generation of children who probably have no idea what videotapes are, right?

Monday, August, 9, 10

Headline Retraction

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“James Cameron Planning an Avatar Overload” from Film School Rejects. Shouldn’t that read “James Cameron Planning Continued Destruction of Films”? The only thing that could make a James Cameron movie worse would be if George Lucas became involved. On second thought, why not get the two of them to work together? I imagine their egos combined would cause some sort of self explosion. Yes, let’s get them started on Star Wars VII: Pandora’s Box. Done and done.

Monday, November, 2, 09

Avatar revisited

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Cutting a trailer that runs 3 minutes and 20 seconds is not an improvement. At this rate I am left with the impression that the movie will be five hours long and frankly I do not think I could stomach 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I see the parallels being drawn to current situations, like invading Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention ties made to all past colonizations, but there are plenty of great movies that address such things without relying on lengthy CG filled trailers. Dan made a great point that the “this is our land” line at the end is a little too Braveheartish. Guess what? Took me two viewings to get through that piece of crap. Never want to see it again.

Thursday, August, 20, 09

Avatar Teaser Trailer

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Trailer Addict has posted the teaser trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar.

The video is temporarily unavailable. For whatever reason. Maybe James Cameron realized it is baaaad.

First off: What happened to teaser trailers that were actual teasers? They lasted sometimes less than a minute, kinda like the first teaser for The Fifth Element and Aliens 3. They were short, and in the case of The Fifth Element, had no frame of reference. It was literally a tease, an enticement. I could not wait for the actual full length trailer. And honestly, and this is coming from someone who LOVES trailers – it’s my favourite part of the movie experience and I refuse to miss the trailers – why do trailers need to be more than 2 minutes long? They really do not. For example, why is the red band trailer for Legion 5 minutes long! I actually want to see the movie, not figure everything out from the trailer.

Anyway, back to Avatar. I have been looking forward to this movie. I like James Cameron. So, I never saw Titanic, and I have no intention of seeing it, but I like his other stuff. Avatar is a movie he has been developing for 10+ years, primarily so that the technology could be perfected. Then why does Avatar look like Ferngully meets The Abyss? (For the record, I like both of those movies). The idea of a human mind in an alien body is intriguing, and I would like to think that it could start a lot of fascinating conversations about cloning, life, death, war, race/racism, etc, but the movie does not look promising at all. The folks over at Gawker pointed out that Avatar “looks like a Jar Jar Binks’ family reunion.” Being compared to Jar Jar Binks is a bad thing. A very very bad bad thing.

At this point the teaser is on Apple and Yahoo as well.

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