Friday, May, 23, 08


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First off, Boy Cat has something in his left eye. As a result, I have scratches all up my arms and almost got one on my lip. Despite trying to move it toward the tear duct and then getting ripped off on saline solution – but hey, it’s for the cat – which he really fought me on getting just one drop on last night, he is still blinking weird. I tried again like 10 minutes ago. He still scratched and wiggled his fat body away. Ahole.

LC and I went to the 3-day NCBI training at Mason Monday thru Wednesday. As always, it was great to reconnect with people, and it was even better to have someone new and amazing co-leading with DW. I feel like this year training was more to the point, more welcoming, more challenging, and overall, full of some really amazing people.

(Now he is licking his own butt and making a kind of suction noise. Delicious.)

I was, of course, ridiculously nervous. Nervous about sitting a room full of people, nervous about thinking I might be asked to speak in front of all of them, nervous about co-leading a small group.

(Now repositioned himself so I can actually see and hear the butt licking. So kind.)

What is NCBI? The National Coalition Building Institute. It is diversity training, prejudice reduction, dialogue creating. It is the idea that everyone has stories to tell. I remember thinking it completely hokey the first time I did it. I called it an Oprahfest. People sharing feelings and crying. I went back. And I went back again. And again. And eventually I was asked to be a co-leader in small groups. And eventually I was asked to help facilitate trainings in classrooms. And I still go back.

(Now he is sitting in fat bunny pose. This time, not on top of my phone.)

I have used the skills I learned to help better communicate with people. I don’t always agree. And I don’t always use the skills. But they have come in handy, and my not using them is sometimes out of self-defense and sometimes out of laziness.

Sadly, when I was home this weekend I did not get to see everyone I wanted to and my visits home have turned in to me just trying to fit everyone in and not being able to fit everyone in, even if I am home for several days. I really upset my mom and maybe some other people, myself included. I feel like I need at least one solid week of vacation time in VA to see everybody I want to see, and even then I may need more.


Wednesday, May, 7, 08

The Cat in the Hat and Cupcake Adventures

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Remember in The Cat in the Hat when there is a pink ring in the tub? My entire tub was pink and it took two rounds of Comet to clean it (Comet should send me money for advertising…though it did take two rounds…).

Susin dyed my hair pink for me 2 weekends ago and it was running all that time. The same brand of purple ran a small amount once, so apparently Special Effects needs to improve their Atomic Pink. Or maybe my hair has had way too much done to it in the past several months. Eh.

Anyway, at the suggestion of Susin I got clear hair dye and put that on top, so now it is no longer running. At least, that seems to be the case. I just did it the other night, so who knows? My keyboard is already pink, as are several shirts, and my pillow case. If only I had used Boy Cat and Girl Cat as pillows I could have dyed their fur as well.

Living with the cats, particularly having them under my care, is really pointing out to me what an impatient person I can be. I have known this and not really done anything about it, but talking about it and talking about it means shit. Words without actions are pointless. So…yeah.

I met with Andrew and his friend Mike for dinner. Well, initially I called Andrew to see if he wanted to go for a walk. It was too nice out to sit at home. First I was thinking to go for a walk myself, then I thought I would take Boy Cat for one, but he really does not like his harness, then I called Andrew. We ended up getting dinner first and went to get Italian Ice but changed our minds. I almost went home knowing I was tired, then said fuck it. I figured, the only reason to head home was sleep so I can get up early for work, but frankly, I would rather stay out late and enjoy the evening and be tired at work.

So as we went to go to the park Andrew said he wanted cupcakes and I was, of course, all about it. I think cupcakes are my favourite dessert, now anyway.

First we went to go to this place called Cheeks in Brooklyn, not far from where we were. But a phone call to Cassa and our walking there confirmed it was closed. So we went to Teany. I noticed some delicious looking brownies there and pointed out the chocolate peanut butter cake to Andrew. We did what any reasonable person would do. We got all three. That’s right. We sat outside on the sidewalk and ate our deliciousness. I got home after 11 and it was well worth it. And on our way to cupcakes we passed a falafel place and salad place, so those are next on the list…as are more cupcakes.

Always cupcakes.

Wednesday, April, 9, 08

sometimes NY makes me angry

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Chris Mann was right. Missing some morning writing sessions made me feel not so good. I have been pretty exhausted with work and now with trying to find people to take our apartment and a place for me. Writing would most likely have helped.

The evil eye has such a hold over me that I was not sure if I should even post about apartment hunting, in case some negative influence prevented things from happening. Awesome.

Mind you, I am not ashamed of my knowledge of the evil eye. I almost said belief, but it’s not just a belief, I have seen it work.

(Side note: Bot Cat is chewing on his cat tower. I think he wants me to think he is hungry. How can I think he is hungry when he is sitting there like the beached seal that he is, eating his tower?)

Some cool people came to look at our place last night and seemed really interested.

I am tired of NY and I thought I found a place on my first outing, but I am already being dicked around, which is great. If I could afford this place, or stand living with some stranger I find on craigslist, I would stay here. First off, it is convenient to not have to move. Secondly, I like this neighbourhood a lot. Third, overall, I like the apartment.

As much as I do not trust people, and sort of Good Will Hunting my way through life, I am amazed at the level of dishonesty there is when it comes to housing in this city. I thought finding the Arlington house was a pain in the ass. Compared to this, that was fucking easy.

I am also amazed at Girl Cat’s ability to lick her own ass.

I have only just started, well, I have been looking on craigslist for about a month now, but I only just started seriously looking. However, it’s all coming back, the hot sticky trip we took up here with Mom and then the following one with Matt Reilly. The small places, gross places, overpriced places, crazy landlords, hard to find places.

I saw quite the shit-hole yesterday. I threw the landlord, Mohammad, off by saying As-Salaam-alaikum. That’s right, don’t fuck over one of your own. But, that would be inevitable. He wants $800 for a place that is worth maybe $500. Maybe. Though, I don’t know that I would live there if I were paid to.


I am done with apartment talk for now.

Yesterday some dude came in to the office and was waiting for a meeting. My co-worker, S, came back from whatever meeting she was at (I swear nothing gets accomplished when people are forced to be in fucking meetings all day every day) and said to him something along the lines of: You emailed me, I am S, not F.

Dude tried real hard to act like he knew who she was and that he made a mistake and was sorry.

I IMed L, trying to hide me laughter, that it was so clear the guy didn’t know who she was and fucked up, but couldn’t admit it. When L said S was pissed earlier I told her I would be too. Not only did he not know her name, he of course mixed her up with another Middle Eastern woman. Which, according to L, is exactly why S was pissed. So, I jokingly emailed S that I could call her Behesheth if she wants, or any other Iranian name.

Turns out, dude has worked with S for 5 years…and she taught his son. Awesome.

But there is more to it than his racism. Which by the way, let’s not kid ourselves, sefeeds never see that as racism. And this is why racism and white privilege go unchecked so often. There is sexism and classism here too. S is a woman, so why should he care. S also works in a lower level position than him, so why should he care. I am willing to bet that dude has a PhD too. It has been my experience in higher education that most people with PhDs, especially those in administrative positions, walk around with their heads shoved so far up their asses, and have had them up there for so long, they really do think that their shit don’t stink. But no, sir, you and every other fucking racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, PhD wielding asshole out there are a major problem, and reason for the suckiness that is higher education.

Also, wordpress refuses to acknowledge classism and classist as correctly spelled words. I even went to to make sure I was spelling them correctly.

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