Friday, April, 25, 08

edward scissorhands is a better human being

I think the world is better off as a result of the following:

-Edward Scissorhands

-Emily Dickinson




-peanut butter

There’s more…but I just had a random thought I feel like sharing.

I would like to give a brief synopsis, more like moral, of the movie Cast Away: FedEx always delivers, No matter what. (Isn’t it great that a movie about a guy stranded on an island can have so much advertising.) (remember what we said about rhetorical questions….remember it).

I remember watching The Matrix – for like the 10th time – with a group of Muslims at Mason, and a lot of Muslims were really into that movie for its spirituality and religious tones. After the movie was over one woman asked me if I understood what it is about. Just to be a cheeky bastard, ’cause I knew what she wanted me to say, I said “If you’re in trouble, Keanu Reeves will come to your rescue.”

I wonder if she saw the second one…and what she thought that big orgy scene was about….hmmmmm.

The Godfather teaches family values. (basically, if anyone fucks with my family I should kill them. That’s what the movie is about.) Maybe I am fiercely loyal to friends and family not only for my Scorpio identity, but also because of that movie. Let’s attribute all of our thoughts and actions to movies…and the media overall.

If that is the case…I learned to ride a bike because of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I learned how to wash dishes from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. The X-Files confirmed my suspicions of the supernatural and taught me about more “monsters” I was unaware of. The Marx Brothers taught me how to finesse my way into any situation. I learned about the afterlife from Beetle Juice. Some live action Winnie the Pooh video taught me not to talk to strangers, but it also made me wonder how Winnie thinks that wearing only a shirt and no pants is going to keep creepers away…and I subsequently was afraid of Winnie as well.

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