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First off, Boy Cat has something in his left eye. As a result, I have scratches all up my arms and almost got one on my lip. Despite trying to move it toward the tear duct and then getting ripped off on saline solution – but hey, it’s for the cat – which he really fought me on getting just one drop on last night, he is still blinking weird. I tried again like 10 minutes ago. He still scratched and wiggled his fat body away. Ahole.

LC and I went to the 3-day NCBI training at Mason Monday thru Wednesday. As always, it was great to reconnect with people, and it was even better to have someone new and amazing co-leading with DW. I feel like this year training was more to the point, more welcoming, more challenging, and overall, full of some really amazing people.

(Now he is licking his own butt and making a kind of suction noise. Delicious.)

I was, of course, ridiculously nervous. Nervous about sitting a room full of people, nervous about thinking I might be asked to speak in front of all of them, nervous about co-leading a small group.

(Now repositioned himself so I can actually see and hear the butt licking. So kind.)

What is NCBI? The National Coalition Building Institute. It is diversity training, prejudice reduction, dialogue creating. It is the idea that everyone has stories to tell. I remember thinking it completely hokey the first time I did it. I called it an Oprahfest. People sharing feelings and crying. I went back. And I went back again. And again. And eventually I was asked to be a co-leader in small groups. And eventually I was asked to help facilitate trainings in classrooms. And I still go back.

(Now he is sitting in fat bunny pose. This time, not on top of my phone.)

I have used the skills I learned to help better communicate with people. I don’t always agree. And I don’t always use the skills. But they have come in handy, and my not using them is sometimes out of self-defense and sometimes out of laziness.

Sadly, when I was home this weekend I did not get to see everyone I wanted to and my visits home have turned in to me just trying to fit everyone in and not being able to fit everyone in, even if I am home for several days. I really upset my mom and maybe some other people, myself included. I feel like I need at least one solid week of vacation time in VA to see everybody I want to see, and even then I may need more.


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