Tuesday, September, 7, 10

Street Anatomy Show Via Rahnama

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by theradishpress

Rahnama, of Gordon Mordon fame, went to the Street Anatomy show in Chicago and sent along the following images.

The Lovely Heather Tompkins

My tattoo, designed by the lovely Heather Tompkins and inked by Colby Long

There is still time to go to the show.

Thursday, July, 1, 10

I’m on Street Anatomy!

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by theradishpress

The lovely Heather Tompkins wrote me a super fantabulous intro.

Huge thanks to Heather for introducing me to Vanessa Ruiz and to Vanessa for welcoming me.

That picture is courtesy of Sadiqeh.

Tuesday, April, 29, 08

Street Anatomy

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At the recommendation of Heather Tompkins (note her site to the right) I submitted a picture of my heart tattoo to the blog Street Anatomy. In the email I included a link to Heather’s site.

Vanessa Ruiz, the blogger (I really hate that word, but it works here) emailed me last night that she had posted the tattoo and some of Heather’s art. She also links to Heather’s site and my blog.

Then, I realized, like an ass, I forgot to give credit to Colby. After all, he did the freaking tattoo. So I emailed her back and asked if she could include him in there cause he deserves credit. And she did, with a link to his myspace, which has images of his other tattoos. (sorry for forgetting you the first time)

Also, Vanessa refers to me with male pronouns. For a second I almost corrected her, then realized I kinda like it, and what do I care , anyway? I went for a while being asked if I was a boy or a girl, mostly by kids, ’cause adults like to pretend like they are not curious or wondering.

Anyway, here is the blog:

And if you have never been to Heather’s site….GO. Now.

Note: I have been trying to include the picture of my tattoo here, but apparently wordpress has aligned itself with Boy Cat and is trying to make me angry.

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