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Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters

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Monday, May, 11, 09

why? no.

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This is copied directly from IMDb:

“Seal and Heidi Klum made sure they had fun when they renewed their wedding vows at the weekend – by holding a hilarious ‘white trash’ style ceremony.

The couple has held a yearly retake of their nuptials since they first married in 2005.

The pair usually hold the bash at the same location every year – Costa Careyes, Mexico – but the stars’ fourth wedding anniversary celebration was cancelled due to the swine flu outbreak which originated in the South American country.

But the furore surrounding the disease couldn’t stop the fun-loving duo from taking part in the yearly event – they threw a wild party in Malibu, California instead.

A pregnant Klum dressed in a cheap lace wedding gown, with her hair in cornrows and puffed on a fake cigarette throughout the ceremony, while her husband donned a blond mullet wig and tacky 1980s suit.

The 75 guests at the union – which was officiated by an Elvis Presley lookalike – also joined in the fun, wearing jean shorts, animal prints and leather jackets.

Revellers enjoyed Mexican food and beer in honour of the couple’s usual wedding location.”

This is not funny. First Heidi Klum dresses up as an Indian goddess for Halloween then she and Seal decide that making fun of people based on their socio-economic status is ok?! Good job. This sets a wonderful example for your children, that you can always look poor and “trashy” if you want, or just for fun, but it’s hilarious and ironic because you are actually rich. Oh, and co-opting the culture of another race and religion is totally fine too, because it is just for fun and why not go all out when you can hire some make-up artist to paint your whole body blue and buy yourself some elaborate costume? This is why idiot frat students at Mason (I am citing a specific example here) think dressing up as a slave is ok. Memo: it is not. And you deserve a severe ass kicking for it.

Why don’t Klum and Seal just move to Williamsburg where their clever irony will be embraced and they will be the king and queen of hipsters?

Rich people buying themselves poor is nothing new. It remains pointless and insulting and a slap in the face of those folks who actually struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet. Also, why are you renewing your wedding vows every year? We get it, you like each other, A LOT. Take your show somewhere else.

Friday, April, 11, 08

Stuff white people like

I had a good conversation with MR about the blog Overall, I find the blog funny. MR finds it irritating and does not like being boxed into categories and having stereotypes perpetuated. MR also said that MR is able to relate to some of the things, but stuffwhitepeoplelike makes various activities, ideas, interests, etc seem fake and boring. It takes the energy and life out of them.

I told MR one of the reasons I find the blog funny is that to me it is like sweet sweet revenge. I am glad MR finds it frustrating to be placed in a box, to be stereotyped, welcome to the world of not being white. I gave the example of being asked to represent ALL Iranians and/or ALL Muslims in different settings. I have been in classes where the one black person is asked to represent ALL black folk.

So, if this blog infuriates some white folk, or makes them step back with frustration at being placed in a box, great. But then there is the responsibility of taking that feeling, that knowledge, and doing something with it.

I told MR that I know MR is smart enough to figure out why it is infuriating, MR said it them self. They do not like stereotypes being encouraged, particularly when there are people who work hard at combating stereotypes.

I liked MR’s point about stuffwhitepeoplelike make things seem fake, because I think that stereotypes have that power. They take an entire group of people and no matter if the generalization is “positive” (in quotes, cause really, it’s still BS) or negative, this group is now no longer human, but a huge clump or mass identified by their supposed actions, beliefs, ideals, etc. There is absolutely a falseness to it. Stereotypes remove the human, the individual, from their own actions and words.

The thing with stuffwhitepeoplelike is that I do not get the sense that its purpose is to bring about social change. It is more of a let’s make fun of ourselves sort of a thing…in fact, there is an element of hipster humour to it. The “oh look how ironic and cool I am” sort of humour. The “I can say (insert racist, homophobic, sexist, classist remark here) that because I know it’s not true” sort of humour. Meanwhile, the majority of hipsters are rich white kids who have no idea what it feels like to be placed into a box simply because of your race.

No white person is ever asked to speak on behalf of all white folk. (Maybe we should all visit, or re-visit, Peggy McIntosh).

It has been almost two years since I have removed my scarf. Not once when I wore it was I treated as if I were white, certainly not by white folk. I remember in elementary school I tried real hard to get those kids to believe I was half Irish-American and half Iranian. But I was a liar, as far as they were concerned. As I stated in an earlier post, I am privy to things, to privileges, I was not before.

Sometimes I feel like I abandoned myself and my people. Sometimes I feel like I have pushed myself even further away.

I can’t help but feel glad that there is some annoyance at stuffwhitepeoplelike. It doesn’t feel good being boxed in with everyone else, especially when everyone else means people like George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld (seriously, that man has the most evil face I have ever seen).

I can only hope that if anyone else is annoyed, like MR, they understand why.

Also, for what it’s worth, there are a lot of things on that blog that I relate to. The funny thing is, like MR, I felt a slight bit of annoyance at first. For me, it was more, I don’t want to be grouped with the very people that have treated me like shit my entire life and are killing my people right now. Only, I am half white….so, I need to get the fuck over myself and my privilege.

And, as I told MR, from the outsider perspective – to which MR responded that I am a “honky.” For once, some white person acknowledges my whiteness and I get called a honky. – there are certain things I related to. For example, there is a post about white people loving to tell poor people how to live their lives. I related to that in the sense that it reminded me of this person B who used to tell me and a fellow Iranian how we, as Middle Easterners, should react to Middle Eastern representation in film and television. Apparently me and this other Iranian were not supposed to laugh at the false representation, but get angered. Thank you for telling me how it feels to be called a terrorist. Thank you for enlightening me on my own oppression.

Anyway…clearly all this is still fresh in my mind. Frankly, I don’t want it to ever not be.

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