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12. Tank Girl

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by theradishpress

Doesn’t Ice-T play a kangaroo/man in this? I remember trying to watch this at the library of Mason and not sure if it was supposed to be funny or ridiculous or what. Lori Petty is pretty badass, and I think I recall wanting to be just as cool and hot as her. This I would definitely get and finish and actually pay attention to. Watching movies in the public library is a sad move to make, sometimes necessary, but in this case it was not. I would have finished it had it been for a class. This was more of an “I’m bored and waiting” kind of move. I remember feeling like it was Road Warrior on crack, which says a lot considering Road Warrior is pretty much already on crack. My favourite character from that is still the mohawked chaps guy and his blonde boyfriend who says nothing. That movie is so 80s it hurts. I also remember thinking that Gwen Stefani stole from Lori Petty when I saw this. Who knows? At this point I would definitely believe it. Gwen Stefani reminds me more and more of Madonna. She may have a fake English accent too for all I know. I only forgive Mandy Slade that disastrous move, and if legend is true, she is the original. The others are just taking from her anyway. Apocalyptic sci-fi movies need more girl heroes. I know you thought Resident Evil was the first. Well, it wasn’t.

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