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Lady Agah v Lady Gaga

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Fine! It’s not my remix of “Alejandro”. It’s the 9 minute video that you all could NOT wait for, and here it is!!! It came out yesterday. How many times have you watched it? Have you memorized the dance routines? Have you purchased your Halloween costumes?

My first reaction to this video: Really? Where’s the story? You gave us a story with “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi” and “Telephone”. “Bad Romance” being my favorite, mind you. Yes, it is a lot of dancing and less story, but there is one none the less. And it is dark and creepy and fun. But “Alejandro” is one dance move and one image after the other. There is no beginning, middle, and end. Not really. Then I started to think why do all the men have haircuts like Moe?

I guess they’re supposed to look like monks.

And the Christian imagery is almost too over the top.

Then there are the obvious Madonna references. At this point are they really references or rip-offs? The machine gun bra, the “Like a Prayer” sexuality, even the big flared pants and white blonde hair.

I finished the video and thought: Did I really just spend 9 minutes watching this? Sure, it’s sexy, it’s shot well, the costumes are fun to look at, the dancing is great, etc. etc. etc. <-Remember when Hector scolds the boys in The History Boys for ending a quote with “etc”, yeah, I did that on purpose. It’s an insult. Can I just keep drawing this out?

Then I thought about the video some more. Maybe Lady Gaga is that smart. She duped everyone, even folks who aren’t necessarily fans, into watching this video. It’s a video with all the right elements: dancing, outlandish costumes, taboo sexualities coupled with religious imagery, and it keeps with Lady Gaga’s current trend of short film music videos. Maybe the point of the video is not to tell a story or sell as many products as one can (thanks “Telephone”, we get it) or to introduce something we the viewers have not yet seen from Lady Gaga or any other artist.

Maybe the point of this music video is to make fun of the audience. Are Lady Gaga fans so obsessed with her and her supposed originality that even the most blatant overused images appear to be one of a kind? Listen, Madonna was not the first to take religious images and turn them sexual. Then again, Madonnna lacks in the originality department overall. (See Paris is Burning for one of many examples.)

So the brilliance of “Alejandro” is knowing exactly what images to use and how to present them to viewers. Knowing that viewers would tune in in the first place. It reminds me of Josie and the Pussycats, claiming to critique advertising and consumerism while splashing brand after brand onto the screen. Joke’s on the viewer. No way you can watch Josie and the Pussycats free of advertising and possibly succumbing to the same fate as the heroines. No way you can watch “Alejandro” and not walk away thinking you’ve seen it before. Although, I guess “Telephone” relied on existing stories to tell its own too. But that’s where how it is told matters. “Alejandro” makes no attempts to be separate. It could have been made by George Michael or Madonna or any other pop star.

I like to imagine Lady Gaga is THAT smart though. She knows she could, as a good friend puts it, shit in a bucket, and everyone will scream with ecstasy over her daring creativity. The “Alejandro” video already has close to 4 million views on youtube. I cannot help but wonder how many are folks who went to watch again, perhaps searching for something they thought they missed, or trying to prove to themselves that it really is one of a kind and deserves to be praised and awarded. Unless there’s an award for fooling people, she’s not getting one, or deserving of one for this video anyway.

All this being said, I want to pretend the video is smart and poking fun at viewers. That way I can like it. Because like so many people, and I am not even one who seeks out Lady Gaga, I want to like it. But I also wanted to like the most recent Star Wars movies and that’s never going to happen.

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12. Tank Girl

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Doesn’t Ice-T play a kangaroo/man in this? I remember trying to watch this at the library of Mason and not sure if it was supposed to be funny or ridiculous or what. Lori Petty is pretty badass, and I think I recall wanting to be just as cool and hot as her. This I would definitely get and finish and actually pay attention to. Watching movies in the public library is a sad move to make, sometimes necessary, but in this case it was not. I would have finished it had it been for a class. This was more of an “I’m bored and waiting” kind of move. I remember feeling like it was Road Warrior on crack, which says a lot considering Road Warrior is pretty much already on crack. My favourite character from that is still the mohawked chaps guy and his blonde boyfriend who says nothing. That movie is so 80s it hurts. I also remember thinking that Gwen Stefani stole from Lori Petty when I saw this. Who knows? At this point I would definitely believe it. Gwen Stefani reminds me more and more of Madonna. She may have a fake English accent too for all I know. I only forgive Mandy Slade that disastrous move, and if legend is true, she is the original. The others are just taking from her anyway. Apocalyptic sci-fi movies need more girl heroes. I know you thought Resident Evil was the first. Well, it wasn’t.

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