Wednesday, April, 9, 08

sometimes NY makes me angry

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Chris Mann was right. Missing some morning writing sessions made me feel not so good. I have been pretty exhausted with work and now with trying to find people to take our apartment and a place for me. Writing would most likely have helped.

The evil eye has such a hold over me that I was not sure if I should even post about apartment hunting, in case some negative influence prevented things from happening. Awesome.

Mind you, I am not ashamed of my knowledge of the evil eye. I almost said belief, but it’s not just a belief, I have seen it work.

(Side note: Bot Cat is chewing on his cat tower. I think he wants me to think he is hungry. How can I think he is hungry when he is sitting there like the beached seal that he is, eating his tower?)

Some cool people came to look at our place last night and seemed really interested.

I am tired of NY and I thought I found a place on my first outing, but I am already being dicked around, which is great. If I could afford this place, or stand living with some stranger I find on craigslist, I would stay here. First off, it is convenient to not have to move. Secondly, I like this neighbourhood a lot. Third, overall, I like the apartment.

As much as I do not trust people, and sort of Good Will Hunting my way through life, I am amazed at the level of dishonesty there is when it comes to housing in this city. I thought finding the Arlington house was a pain in the ass. Compared to this, that was fucking easy.

I am also amazed at Girl Cat’s ability to lick her own ass.

I have only just started, well, I have been looking on craigslist for about a month now, but I only just started seriously looking. However, it’s all coming back, the hot sticky trip we took up here with Mom and then the following one with Matt Reilly. The small places, gross places, overpriced places, crazy landlords, hard to find places.

I saw quite the shit-hole yesterday. I threw the landlord, Mohammad, off by saying As-Salaam-alaikum. That’s right, don’t fuck over one of your own. But, that would be inevitable. He wants $800 for a place that is worth maybe $500. Maybe. Though, I don’t know that I would live there if I were paid to.


I am done with apartment talk for now.

Yesterday some dude came in to the office and was waiting for a meeting. My co-worker, S, came back from whatever meeting she was at (I swear nothing gets accomplished when people are forced to be in fucking meetings all day every day) and said to him something along the lines of: You emailed me, I am S, not F.

Dude tried real hard to act like he knew who she was and that he made a mistake and was sorry.

I IMed L, trying to hide me laughter, that it was so clear the guy didn’t know who she was and fucked up, but couldn’t admit it. When L said S was pissed earlier I told her I would be too. Not only did he not know her name, he of course mixed her up with another Middle Eastern woman. Which, according to L, is exactly why S was pissed. So, I jokingly emailed S that I could call her Behesheth if she wants, or any other Iranian name.

Turns out, dude has worked with S for 5 years…and she taught his son. Awesome.

But there is more to it than his racism. Which by the way, let’s not kid ourselves, sefeeds never see that as racism. And this is why racism and white privilege go unchecked so often. There is sexism and classism here too. S is a woman, so why should he care. S also works in a lower level position than him, so why should he care. I am willing to bet that dude has a PhD too. It has been my experience in higher education that most people with PhDs, especially those in administrative positions, walk around with their heads shoved so far up their asses, and have had them up there for so long, they really do think that their shit don’t stink. But no, sir, you and every other fucking racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, PhD wielding asshole out there are a major problem, and reason for the suckiness that is higher education.

Also, wordpress refuses to acknowledge classism and classist as correctly spelled words. I even went to to make sure I was spelling them correctly.

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