Thursday, May, 29, 14


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I missed NY for the first time today.

Or the thought os no longer living in NY. I will miss the ease of movement, the ability to be invisible, the endless supply of new food, music, at, and people. I will miss me in NY. I found myself in that city. A city so cluttered with objects and scents and sounds and people, so possible to get lost within. Not me. I found me. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t always fun. It hurt much of the time. But I am better for it. I am without the same pains. Or now I know them and how to heal. I will miss wandering streets and finding new things. I will miss 11pm cupcake runs and 4am film screenings. I will miss walking along the river with a book in hand, searching for the perfect spot to read. I will miss my friends. I will miss NY even when it brought me down. I will miss the comforts I found.

I miss NY.


Thursday, July, 3, 08

11. Party Girl

Yes, I have seen it. And when I read the title on my list just now I knew Parker Posey was in it, but not sure it was the same Parker Posey movie I had seen. IMDb confirmed that it is. I guess it’s not that memorable. I remember liking it enough. It was funny, cute, and maybe now that I live in NY and went through my own struggle trying to find a job, I would appreciate it even more. Though, I definitely do not spend my money on fashionable clothes or parties. I did just find out that Eddie Vedder is doing a solo tour and I want to purchase tickets for that. That is where my money goes….music, and movies. Anyway, the one thing I remember most about this movie is the Middle Eastern guy in it, played by Omar Townsend. This is his only movie, sadly, ‘cause he is gorgeous. I doubt I will see this again. I know, I know, Ade, it’s like one of your favouritest movies ever. I borrowed it from Ade about two years ago. I think she owns it on VHS. Ade, if you read this, speaking of borrowing movies, you still have Dazed and Confused and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The former, is more whatever, but I have been craving the latter. I suppose I could netflix it.

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