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Gonzalo Sightings #5 – Blake Lively

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by theradishpress

I saw Star Trek on Friday. Yes, it was amazing.

So, Ren went with me like 4 hours before the show because I wanted to check out the line and pick up my ticket. We got to the kiosk and I swiped my card, which did not work. Ren said, “You’re doing it wrong” and grabbed the card from me. Only, it did not work for him either. A girl to my left said, “Oh, you have to turn it over and do it this way. I saw a lot of people doing it that way too.”

I looked up to say thanks and thought; Oh my god, it’s Blake Lively. And she is hot. Oh my god.

I thanked her and cracked some joke about how I am glad I am not the only one who does things backwards, because as Sadiqeh would tell you, I do generally haveĀ  a hard time working credit card machines (particularly at CVS). She laughed and was gorgeous.

When she walked away I kinda squeeled to Ren that that was her and he said, oh the guy must be Chace then. I looked up as they were walking out the door and saw that no, it was Penn Badgley, also insanely attractive. (‘Cause, you know, celebrities sometimes are hot only on TV or in the movies, not in real life).

Ren told me he almost whispered to me “That girl is hot.” I said I was glad he did not, because he does not know how to whisper.

Of course I told Sadiqeh right away.

It was so crowded in the theater if she had not said anything to me I doubt I would have even seen her. And that was nice of her to point out we were doing it wrong, ’cause I so would have gone and stood in the uselessly long ass line to talk to someone.

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