Thursday, May, 29, 08

9. The Slacker

Yet another Richard Linklater movie. I was all about seeing it around the same time I was all about SubUrbia. But I think the whole frontal nudity thing kinda took away most of my wanting. And at this point, I could really care less about seeing it. I mean, Texas…meh. I don’t really have an interest in a movie that takes place in Texas, unless it’s a Western. I love Westerns. Though, The Assisination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford and I seem to be having a conflict of interest. I don’t know if it is that I am feeling lazy about watching it, or I am anticipating some not-goodness.  So far I am unsure of how I feel about a lot of the cinematography. Also, I pretty much trust Brad Pitt as an actor. At least, I know what to expect. But I am not so sure of him as a producer. Casey Affleck, though, he is golden. Anyway, Slacker…no thanks. See, I can’t even talk about it for that long, that’s how little interest I have.

Thursday, May, 15, 08

8. SubUrbia

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All I remember is frantically turning this movie off because Giovanni Ribisi has a scene of full frontal nudity. My parents must have been home. Knowing that Richard Linklater directed this, however, makes it appealing. In fact, that was why I saw it in the first place, I loved Dazed and Confused, so why would I not love this? I do remember watching it with my siblings and feeling like I did not want to be judged. This shall be netflixed. Let’s see what I was feeling judged about and if it is any good. Linklater is someone who has grown as a director. He has gotten better and seems more willing to take risks.

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