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3. Singles

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(I was trying get these posted on Thursdays, but that didn’t happen…so…suck it)

I was obsessed with Nirvana and Pearl Jam when I first saw this movie. More than Nirvana, it was Kurt Cobain that I was obsessed with. I don’t know how many poems I wrote about him in the seventh and eight grade. And grunge, well, the entire movement was something I wanted to be part of. I remember when I first saw this movie. Ayat had to pick me up from school because I was experiencing very painful cramps. I wanted to rent a movie and we ended up with Singles. Let’s see, what is good about Singles: Pearl Jam cameos, Tim Burton, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, spam, Seattle, Jane Fonda, Matt Dillon…anyway, it can go on. The Pearl Jam cameos are great. When I realized it was them that I was seeing on screen we had to re-watch their parts multiple times so that I could really take in Eddie Vedder’s voice. I may have been convinced at the time that he and I would one day be great friends. Let’s be honest, I am still convinced that he and I could be friends if we met. However, I no longer have plans, as I did between the ages of 13-18 to find him. Nor do I stand along the edge of RFK stadium yelling his name and getting a quick side wave in return. I will never forget Ayat’s face. Ha ha.
Back to Singles. It’s a fun movie, not too serious, not too funny, just the right amount of both. It has a very narrow audience, I think. Sure, it’s about love, but then the range gets smaller. It’s about college aged people, recent graduates. And smaller: in Seattle. And smaller: all into the same movement of music. And smaller: all hetero. And smaller: did I mention they are all white? That’s not to say I do not like the movie, obviously I do. Because I was so into that music the whole movie could have consisted of two characters going to concerts for 90 minutes and I never get to see any character development only hear music. In fact, that may make it way better, as long as Eddie still gets his speaking parts.

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