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The Social Network

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I did it. I watched The Social Network. All in all, not terrible as I had imagined. The performances are stellar and the writing is intelligent, witty, and fast-paced. I was often reminded of old Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn films, like Bringing Up Baby, or The Marx Brothers movies. What distinguishes these over seven decades older movies is that unlike The Social Network, it is not only men who rule the dialogue and the wit. Even The Marx Brothers met their match in the characters Margaret Dumont portrayed. Grant and Hepburn played off of each other, neither taking the lead so much as trying to make each other laugh. At least, that is the illusion, if not the reality.

So Rooney Mara’s Erica Albright gets to introduce the story by telling off Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), comparing dating him to a Stairmaster. Big fucking deal. The witticism, the downright genius, it is all left to the men in this film. If I am to believe all the dialogue Aaron Sorkin wrote, Mark Zuckerberg is quite possibly the most hilarious and intelligent asshole alive. And great. I did enjoy a great deal of the dialogue. But really Sorkin and Fincher? You start out with an apparent strong female and then leave us Amy (Dakota Johnson), the underwear then nude then towel-clad slam piece of Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) and then give us Christy (Brenda Song), the groupie and eventual psychotic and frightening girlfriend of Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield). Well done gentlemen.

Let’s not forget too that Christy is the only person of color aside from Divya Narendra (Max Minghella) – who by the way is not even part Indian, but he is part Chinese, so his playing an Indian is totally okay by Hollywood standards. All it requires is some brown make-up! – so there she goes making all Asians look bad.

In addition to all this, Zuckerberg’s financial status is often a subject in the film. It got me curious. Turns out that while Zuckerberg is made to seem poor in comparison to his friends his mother is a psychiatrist and his father a dentist. He also grew up in a town with an average household income of over $70,000. He also attended a private school with fencing. Okay, clearly I do not know all the details of his family’s financial situation, these things hardly translate to poor kid from the inner city who got to Harvard on a scholarship and really needs to work hard to maintain it. Considering that Zuckerberg himself seems pretty disinterested in wealth, it is no surprise to me that he was not consulted on the film and Eisenberg was told not to meet him before and during shooting. Maybe Zuckerberg would have a few errors to correct.

Friday, August, 20, 10

Dear Hollywood

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by theradishpress

Dear Hollywood,

Please stop.

With the most sincerest of regards,


/Film and other film blogs are reporting that, with The Social Network – you know, that movie about rich white kids who make a website lacking integrity and have boring rich white people problems? – expected to do well and already receiving stellar reviews, Hollywood is planning their next start-up movie: Googled.

I stated in a previous post that there are folks hating on Inception. I am not one of those people. Want to know one of my many reasons for that? It is original. Yes, I know, it draws from existing myths and no story is purely original, but it’s not Battleship (what asshole thought making a movie based on that boring game was a good idea?) or Little Fockers (I did not see Meet the Fockers because Meet the Parents was painful enough.) or a remake of some 80’s movie that kids these days should just watch instead of thinking the remake starring Zac Efron is the first ever! No! It is not. Go eat some vegetables, get off your cell phone you should not have anyway, and watch The Breakfast Club. Learn a thing or two why don’t you?

Hollywood needs to hire me to punch idiots with no original ideas in the face and give them some good ideas. In fact, why not make a movie about a concerned citizen who attacks Hollwood “thinkers” and “idea” people because they suck so bad? There, I gave you an idea. Don’t let John Woo direct it. It will be told entirely in slow motion and we don’t need that. Don’t let Tom Cruise play my part either. I want Emile Hirsch for that.

Wednesday, July, 28, 10

The Social Network

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by theradishpress

Is it just me or does this movie look terrible?

Their ad campaign has been pretty brilliant. The teaser trailer with soundbites and words flashing on the screen is simple and straight forward and the new trailer uses a pretty fabulous cover of Radiohead’s “No Surprises,” which is worthy of double rainbow status.

Here’s the deal though, this looks like a made for TV movie. I half expect to see Patty Duke teaching Mark Zuckerberg a life lesson. Also, if this movie is a ploy to get me to sympathize with some Big Brother billionaire type…NO.

This is Patty Duke for those of you too young and/or too uncool to know. Patty Duke is the new pink. Is pink still in?

And this is the Radiohead trailer:

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