Wednesday, May, 28, 08

Gonzalo Sightings #3 – Randy Harrison

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Celebrity Sightings will now be referred to as “Gonzalo Sightings,” because Gonzalo gets excited every time I post one.

Aman’s inner-dialogue: 14th St. Get off here. Oh my god, That’s Randy Harrison. He is too cute. Oh man, he walks so fast. I want to say hi. No, no. I will end up saying something stupid, sounding like a 12 year old. Leave it alone. Look how blonde his hair is.

I have very deep thoughts, I know.

One week later at Union Square:

Hello! Randy Harrison again. Dammit, I am going to say hi and tell him how awesome he is on QAF and how much I love that show. No, I can’t. There are too many people around and he is talking to some old guy. I know his birthday is the day before mine, I could tell him that we are both Scorpios. Like he doesn’t know he’s a Scorpio. No, I am going to keep walking and find somewhere to eat my food.


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