Thursday, June, 5, 08

10. Waiting for Guffman

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I know, I know. Christopher Guest is supposed to be hilarious and amazing. I like the 6 fingered man just as much as the next ROUS, and Best in Show is pretty priceless, but I have never seen Spinal Tap – mainly due to the fact that I spent the majority of my life thinking it was a real documentary – and I could not get past 10 minutes of this movie. Yes, it has a great cast. Parker Posey is generally all that is needed in order for my attention to be grabbed, but I felt like everyone knew they were being funny. Like it is a bunch of friends getting together to show each other and anyone else who will watch just how hilarious they are, but really they are mostly making themselves laugh. And okay, most comedies, particularly those made by and starring the same people, are like that. It is all about making themselves laugh, but I want to laugh too. I don’t need to be in on every freaking joke. OR, I need it to be really out there, like Stella. Just make it totally nuts so that I am laughing at how fucking weird it is, and awkwardly hilarious. I feel like Superbad was a lot of inside joking and cast and crew cracking each other up, but at least they dished out some awesomeness for the audience. Though, really…cop scenes, cut it short. Maybe I should give this another chance. Maybe Christopher Guest and his troupe are not my thing. I think the latter. Now every asshole Christopher Guest fan is going to go on about how great his movies are. I think Spinal Tap will remain like Titanic, not going to see it.

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